Emmanuel Macron is a prince in Andorra – Briefly explained

In this post we’ll explain Andorra’s currency, Andorra’s population, Emmanuel Macron being a prince in Andorra, Andorra’s Skiing resorts, and Andorra’s weather.

Andorra is sandwiched between France and Spain, making it the 6th smallest country in Europe and the 16th smallest in the whole world.

Andorra has a lot of interesting facts. in this post, we’ll read about a few of them.

Tourism in Andorra

Andorra is hosting more than 10 million tourists every year! This number is huge for a small country with 77,000 citizens!

Andorra’s NO TAX shopping

Thanks to its rules, the country has a Duty-Free shopping system which means you’d pay no taxes on a lot of items including clothing and Alcohol, but there’s usually a limit at the customs of your country and they’re usually pretty smart and active! So, don’t assume you’re going to buy your whole life’s needs over there!

Ski Resorts in Andorra

Andorra has both summer and winter resorts. A lot of people go there every year for skiing, especially from the UK. You don’t have to worry about the best time to travel to Andorra!

Tax haven Banks and Currency in Andorra

Andorra is on the list of the countries which charge either no tax or a very little amount to foreign investment in their banks. It’s another reason to like this nation!

The currency in Andorra is Euro.

Emmanuel Macron is a prince in Andorra

Andorra is one of the very few countries that have democratically elected leaders serving in a royal position in another country. As a historical assignment, France’s president and Spain’s Catholic Bishop are the Co-Princes of Andorra as well as having their country’s responsibilities. This means that Emmanuel Macron (As of now in 2020) is officially a Prince!

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Overall, Andorra is usually good for half of a day if you’re not going to stay in one of its resorts because it’s quite expensive when it comes to daily expenses.



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14 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron is a prince in Andorra – Briefly explained

  1. I visited Andorra years ago and nearly froze to death🤭….couldn’t wait to ‘run’ back to warm Uganda💕🇺🇬. Other than the cold temperatures, it was really great..I did shop till I dropped😀

  2. I visited Andorra once years ago before the Euro. We thought we would cross the border from France and have lunch there. We realised we didn’t have any cash (in the days of travellers cheques no credit cards I’m quite old!) but because it was lunchtime all the banks were closed. We couldn’t even buy a drink! But we enjoyed the trip especially the mountain scenery. Interesting fact about Macron. I didn’t know that. Great post thank you!

  3. It is quite curious about this small country. His tourism is his main source of income although recently he was involved in major financial scandals because his banks are considered tax havens for money laundering, so he not only lives on his tourism and his charm of having Macron as a prince.

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