Tonga – The only Pacific country that never been fully colonized

Tonga is an Island country in Oceania that’s unknown, even to people in Oceania such as Australians. In this post we’ll discover this country with each other.

Kiribati, The drowning Paradise explained briefly

Paradise is where you can chill, clear your mind, and get energized! That’s what our next country is all about, being a piece of heaven, that….is…..Drowning!
We all heard about climate change and its effects, but did you know that it’s already causing the disappearance of a 120,000 people’s home?

Solomon Islands – The untouched heaven in the pacific

Oceania is home to many beautiful island countries such as Fiji, Marshall Islands, or Samoa. One of the Oceania countries which has been remote even until now is Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands is an island country in Oceania with six major Islands and over 900 smaller Islands.

Fiji, the ideal honeymoon destination, Explained

The word Fiji is known to everyone. Australians and New Zealand people are familiar with the country as it is close to them but for most of us in North America and Europe, Fiji is just a beautiful water bottle! (Yes! That’s why this word sounds familiar!).

Samoa, the wonderland of Oceania [Briefly Explained]

There’s a good chance you heard about Samoa before, whether from the numerous TV shows and movies about it or the celebrities like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) or the American Football players!

Palau – the American Japanese Heaven [explained]

Oceania is full of beautiful countries we never heard about like Kiribati, Micronesia, or the Marshall Islands. The only Rock star in that family (Except Australia and New Zealand) is Fiji that’s known worldwide. Our next country is Palau, heaven with lots of stories to tell!

Nauru – The fattest country in the world

Did you know that the USA isn’t the fattest country in the world? Maybe in number, USA is leading, but per capita, the title goes to a country you never heard of! Nauru

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Micronesia

If you’re a first-time traveler to Micronesia or interested to get familiar with tourism in Micronesia, read this ultimate travel guide to Micronesia for first-timers.