Solomon Islands – The untouched heaven in the pacific

In this post, we’ll talk about the most beautiful country in Oceania where you’ll find remote island paradises coming to life. We’ll learn about Solomon Islands people, Solomon Islands language, Solomon Islands religion, Solomon Islands map, and we’ll be checking if Solomon Islands is a country or a city, if Solomon Islands is safe to visit, what to do in Solomon Islands while you are there, sightseeing places to visit in Solomon Islands!


Oceania is home to many beautiful island countries such as Fiji, Marshall Islands, or Samoa. One of the Oceania countries which has been remote even until now is the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands is an island country in Oceania with six major Islands and over 900 smaller Islands.
Let’s learn more about the Solomon Islands in this post.

Recent history of Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands role in WWII

Before WWII, the Solomon Islands was a neutral country, and people were busy, doing their traditions and enjoying life but during WWII, Solomon Islands was used by Japan for supporting its troops in Oceania. However, the United Kingdom annexed the Solomon Islands and forced Japanese troops out!

Solomon Islands independence from United Kingdom

Solomon Islands got annexed by the UK during WWII and it remained a British colony until 7 July 1978, when a referendum was held in the Solomon Islands and almost everyone voted for independence from the United Kingdom.

People in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands ethnic groups

The Solomon Islands has a population of more than 652,000 people in it. Most of them are Melanesian and after them, the biggest minority in the Solomon Islands is Polynesian.

Official and local languages in Solomon Islands

The official language in the Solomon Islands is English, however, only 2% of people can speak English fluently. More than 70 local languages are being spoken in the Solomon Islands, and the most popular one is Pijin which is somewhat an English Creole, the Solomon version!

Solomon Islands people hospitality

People in the Solomon Islands are generally warm and welcoming. They greet foreigners with big smiles on their faces, dancing, and offering flower necklaces! Visiting this Oceanic paradise feels like hitting the jackpot of Oceania!

What to do in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands beach resorts and hotels

The Solomon Islands has more than 900 small islands and atolls. There are a handful of world-class beach resorts and hotels in the Solomon Islands to help you make your trip or honeymoon even better! Just think about relaxing at those warm white sand beaches while looking at the different blue shades of the pacific ocean!

Vilu War Museum in Solomon Islands

WWII was a focal point in the history of the Solomon Islands. More than 30,000 Japanese soldiers were either killed, lost, or kicked out of Solomon Islands. The US, Australia, and New Zealand Army were involved in the war against Japan in the Solomon Islands and these 4 huge armies left a few pieces each which is now on display at Vilu War Museum in the Solomon Islands.

Guadalcanal American Memorial in Solomon Islands

Guadalcanal monument was built in the Solomon Islands in remembrance of the American soldiers and their allies who got killed during WWII against Japan in the Solomon Islands.

The memorial is located at the top of a hill, facing the Pacific ocean!

Mount Popomanaseu in Solomon Islands

The Popomanaseu is the highest mountain in the Solomon Islands. The mountain on Guadalcanal is 2335 meters.
For a long time, Mount Makarakomburu was the highest in the country, but its measurement turned out to be incorrect.

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