Top 7 reasons why you should visit japan right now

Japan is one of the most interesting countries to visit for various reasons. This country has so much to offer for any taste that many visitors go back several times to discover more of Japan’s uniqueness.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top six reasons why you should visit Japan right now.

1- Natural scenery

People often think of Japan as a modern country which is partially true. If you step out of the Japanese glamorous cities, you’ll witness some of the most beautiful natural scenes you’ve ever seen in your life, with the most famous one being Mount Fuji which is the most popular natural attraction in Japan.

2- Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is so international now that you can easily find sushi on every corner in the world! Imagine how good it would be to taste the origin of this mouth-watering and healthy cuisine which is truly to die for!

3- Japan’s advanced technology

Japanese technology is so advanced that one might feel like Japanese people are living in the future. You’d constantly see an unknown cool technology from the toilet to the car parking which would amaze you every second during your trip.

4- A shopping paradise

Japan is home to world-class shopping malls such as Harajuku, Venus Fort, and Akihabara in Tokyo or Umeda and Shinsaibashi in Osaka. If you are planning to go shopping in Japan, remember to look after Japanese products, not the international ones since they don’t export a lot of amazing Made-in-Japan products.

5- Japanese cherry blossom season

Once it’s April, countless International and local tourists would go for a picnic under the cherry trees, so-called hanami, or attend a cherry blossom festival. Japanese cherry blossoms scenes are majestic and unforgettable. If you are in Tokyo at that time you can visit large parks such as Hirosaki Castle Park and Shinjuku Gyoen in the heart of the city.

6- Japanese culture

Japan is one of the oldest civilizations in history that’s always been powerful. Even though Japanese society is truly modern now, they could still preserve a lot of their traditions which is interesting and would constantly make you smile and admire what you see.

7- Japanese anime and manga

If you are a Japanese anime and manga lover, you don’t want to miss traveling to the origins of this art.

Visit J-World Tokyo, an indoor amusement park based around popular manga characters, the One Piece Tower, or the Pokémon Mega Center Tokyo, a huge store that offers a range of Pokémon merchandise exclusive to Japan.

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18 thoughts on “Top 7 reasons why you should visit japan right now

  1. This is precisely why I want to visit Japan someday! Did you know cherry blossoms are a symbol for feminine power both there and in China? I don’t know which country that started in though. Anyway, I love it because I totally feel it and I love cherry blossoms!

      1. A good friend of mine from Shanghai told me about that. From what she said, I think a strong case could be made for the symbolism starting in China and being stolen by Japan

  2. Maybe the timing needs to be reviewed, but I totally agree on the rest, especially the culture, there is a lot to observe and learn from Japan and the Japanese. Thanks for the post.

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