10 best cities in U.S. for Black Americans right now

North America is generally the term used for three countries of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Racism is always a hot topic in North America with a lot of racism towards darker-skinned people and the immigrants in Canada and the US.

With the recent death of an American black citizen, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, It seems more important than ever for non-White people to know they’re living in a safe environment, both for their families and for themselves.

In this post, we’ll discover 10 best cities in the United States that are more suitable for Black families and generally, for people of color to live in right now.

1-Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh in North Carolina is one of the most diverse cities in North Carolina. Raleigh offers a low unemployment rate, and tons of job opportunities, plus good schools for the kids.

If you ever get bored, head out to the AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURAL COMPLEX, where they educate people about the contributions that the Black community did in Raleigh!

2- Orlando, Florida

Orlando is in the middle of Florida which only means there’s no need to worry about finding your jacket in the closet during the winter. Orlando has a good job market, both in housing and in DisneyWorld.

South and Eastern Orlando might be good options to consider.

3-Richmond, Virginia

Richmond is a great city for families, in general, to settle in. If you can tolerate its humid summers, you’ll fall in love with this city’s family festivals and good schools for your beloved children.

If you are thinking of moving to Richmond as a black family, East Chesterfield might be a great and safe neighborhood to keep an eye on.

4- Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is probably heaven for black families. Being exactly in the middle of Michigan, Lansing has a truly diverse community with a lot of other black families.

The only thing to consider is that Lansing isn’t relatively a big city, but there are still good opportunities for work and schools.

5- San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio in Texas is one of the most diverse cities in the state of Texas. Countless Hispanic families are living in San Antonio, as well as a large black community. There are some military families in San Antonio as there’s a military base there.

As a family, you can enjoy year-round festivals held in San Antonio, Texas!

6- Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. the Political capital of the United States, is a perfect place for a black family to settle in, as Washington, D. C. is a diverse city with low racism-related issues. However, keep in mind that this city is not a cheap one!

If your family ever gets bored, you can take advantage of the historic tours, or drive to the mountains in Virginia (not that far!).

7- San Diego, CA

Nope! San Diego isn’t just another typical Californian tourism hub! In fact, San Diego has a diverse community and one of the best cities in the US for black families to settle in!

The bonus point is that San Diego’s weather is perfect at any time of the year. San Diego’s weather is the best in the US and one of the best in the world.

The only problem is that the prices are relatively high in San Diego, like double of what you have in mind.

8- Columbus, Ohio

Columbus in Ohio is a large city with more than 2 million residents and for a city of this size, Columbus is fairly cheap, especially the housing prices in Columbus are as low as it gets!

Columbus has a diverse community and is home to the Ohio State University.

The only con might be Columbus’s chilling winters where it goes freezing at some point!

9- Dallas, Texas

Don’t get surprised! Dallas is a perfect city for people of color. Dallas offers both the big city’s life and relaxing suburbs life! The housing prices in Dallas surprises you, as the housing prices in Dallas are even lower than the national average!

10- Seattle, Washington

Well, that’s right! It rains a lot in Seattle, but have you seen Seattle summers? It is to die for!

Plus, both black families and Caribbean families are doing great in Seattle, financially and socially.

And, where can you find the freshest seafood than a city beside the pacific ocean?

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