Top 10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ is a tiny island country in South Asia. This nation is becoming a vacation destination very fast because of good reasons like amazing beaches, mouthwatering food, and fascinating culture. Whether you’re a foodie, surfer, history enthusiast, or beach lover, Sri Lanka is the right destination to choose for your next trip, abroad.

After visiting Sri Lanka, you’ll have tons of stories to tell for your friends and family around the dinner table for years. If you like to book a flight to Sri Lanka, but not sure enough, read this post, as we’ll talk about the top 14 reasons to visit Sri Lanka.


1- Sri Lankan Rich Culture

Although Sri Lanka is a small nation, it is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (6 being cultural sites), and if you’re a professional traveler, you know that UNESCO sites are the best places to visit when visiting a new country. From Ancient City of PolonnaruwaAncient City of Sigiriya, and Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications, to Rangiri Dambulla Cave TempleSacred City of Anuradhapura, and the Sacred City of Kandy, you’re in for a real treat in Sri Lanka.

2- The Temples

Sri Lanka is a religious Buddhist country where about 70% of people identify as Buddhist. But there are other religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam as well. Similar to Bhutan, you’ll find some of the most gorgeous Buddhist temples in the world in Sri Lanka. You can also find beautiful churches and Hindu temples that were built during the colonial times when Britons were ruling Sri Lanka.

3- Outstanding Beaches

The beaches in Sri Lanka seem to be popped out of a postal card. The sand is soft, the beaches are clean, and the water is crystal clear. The beaches are usually not crowded and chances are you could have a beach all to yourself!


4- Affordable Safari Experience

Have you always dreamed of a safari trip but African Safari trips cost a fortune? Worry no more, as Sri Lanka is here to save the day. You can book the safari of your dreams in Sri Lanka for a fraction of the African safaris. Sri Lanka is home to one of the best bio-diverse natures in the world. It has 26 national parks and two marine parks. The most famous one being Yala National Park, which features the highest density of leopards in the world, 215 species of birds, mugger crocodiles, and other reptiles while the coastline bordering the park is a nesting spot for five species of sea turtles.

5- Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lanka is the haven for curry lovers. You’d find countless types of curries, like fish curry, chicken curry, or vegetable curry. The good news is that Sri Lanka is one of the best countries for vegetarians and vegans.

6- Tropical Weather

The monsoon season affects different parts of the country at different times of the year. It means that at any time during the year, you’d be able to find a sunny climate in one part of Sri Lanka to enjoy those outstanding beaches and sightseeing places.

The southwest monsoon is between May and July, which leaves the north rain-free, and the northeast monsoon is between October and January, which leaves the south ready to be explored.


7- Little England in Sri Lanka

Left from the colonial times, “Little England” is a small town in the middle of the tea country hills. This town is full of British-style buildings and gardens which make you feel like you’re somewhere in England. Although “Little England” is tiny, but there are plenty enough things to do around the area. Drop by the massive Gregory Lake for water activities and a lakeside barbecue or visit Horton Plains, a hauntingly beautiful grassland with rolling plains, breathtaking waterfalls, and the dramatic escarpment that is World’s End.

8- Easy Communication

Although the main languages in Sri Lanka are Tamil and Sinhala, most people have at least basic English knowledge that comes in handy if you don’t speak their languages. Then explore around, worry-free, and be sure that you’re always only minutes away from someone who understands your needs.

9- Off The Beaten Path

While Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to the visitors, not a lot of travelers are familiar with this amazing island-nation. You could explore deeply in Sri Lanka and barely find any other tourists but yourself around. It won’t always remain like this though. Take advantage of it while you can.


10- Surfing Haven

Easy access to the waves, the wide number of sand-bottomed breaks, and the ever-consistent swells have fast turned Sri Lanka into a popular surfing destination. The Sri Lankan coast is home to dreamy surf breaks for beginners, and pumping waves and reef breaks for advanced surfers. The surf season in south Sri Lanka runs from about November to April (though you can still find great surf spots outside of this season) and the surf season in eastern Sri Lanka runs from about May to October.

11- Colombo, South Asia’s Dubai

Sri Lanka’s economy had been booming for the last few years which changed the capital’s skyline to something outstanding. Just walk around downtown Colombo and you’d almost feel like you’re in a tropical Dubai!

12- Affordable Luxury

Sri Lanka is one of the countries where your dollar goes the furthest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a budget traveler or a luxury consumer, you’d be surprised how affordable Sri Lanka is.


13- Photographers’ Paradise

People call Sri Lanka the “pearl of the Indian ocean” for good reasons. The rich culture, fabulous nature, perfectly green jungles, warm people, and breathtaking beaches, force photographers to love this country.


14- Sri Lankan People

Sri Lankans are some of the most hospitable people you’ll find in South Asia. They would invite you to their home for a cup of original Ceylon tea or even for a curry. Don’t reject this chance, especially if they like to keep you for lunch because you’ll find the best curry dishes in the world in Sri Lankan homes.

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