The Ultimate Travel Guide to Niger

Is Niger an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Niger? Where is Niger’s capital? What is the tourism in Niger like? Where is Niger on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Niger? Where is Niger? Is Niger a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Niger? What to do in Niger? What is the history of Niger?


As we always say, Africa is the wonderland! It has all sorts of facts and cultures to amaze you and there would be no day that you get bored while traveling on this continent!

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In this post, we’ll be talking about an unknown country called Niger. It usually gets confused by the English speaking country, Nigeria, BUT Niger is totally a different country and a different language!

So, get ready to explore Niger!

Recent history of Niger

Like most other West African nations, Niger was a part of the French colony for a while until it gained its independence on August 3, 1960. After that, they had numerous Coup d’états and now, after a long time, it seems like the country is somewhat stable politically.

People In Niger

Nigerien people speak French as their official language and have 10 national languages among different tribes. When ever different tribes want to talk to each other, they all switch to French, because their languages are totally unique to their own tribes.

What to do in Niger

Plane Crash Memorial in Niger

There’s a beautiful monument in the middle of the desert, in honor of those who got killed in the plane crash of DR Congo to Paris flight. If you search the navigation numbers below on Google Maps, you’ll be able to see this memorial.

16°51′53.748″N 11°57′13.362″E

UTA Flight 772 Memorial Pictures - Business Insider

W National Park in Niger

Not kidding, this national park’s name is W for some reason! W is famous for its variety in mammals such as cheetah, aardvark, African buffalo, and baboon.

W national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mekrou river in W-National Park MS 6380

Musée National Boubou Hama in Niger

Located in Niamey, Niger’s capital, the national museum displays both historical objects and cultural ones, making it a great place to learn about Niger’s history and traditions.

Squelette d'un dinosaure au musée national au Niger

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