Melilla and Ceuta – why is Spain in Africa?

Are Melilla and Ceuta sovereign states or in Spain? Are Melilla and Ceuta in Morocco? Why are there fences in Melilla and Ceuta? How’s the immigration process for refugees in Melilla and Ceuta? Are Melilla and Ceuta like Gibraltar? We’l answer all of these questions in this post.

History is full of border complexions and one of the most extreme ones are Melilla & Ceuta cities of Spain which are located in Africa!

History of Melilla and Ceuta

These cities are physically in Morocco, Africa while officially a part of Spain and the EU. It makes Europe the only continent that has land in Both Africa and South America.

They were this way since the 14th century. Morocco’s government keeps asking Spain to give these lands back, comparing this situation to Gibraltar’s conflict while Spain’s answer is always No!

Refugee problems in Melilla and Ceuta

Many African people, flee to these cities from their countries. Spain and other European countries are already dealing with a lot of refugees and economical problems and don’t want to have new refugees, but what would the options be while suffering from lack of food and safety? Of course taking the risk to see what happens.

People go from all over Africa to that part of Morocco, hoping to pass the three layers of 6 meters fences. protected by Moroccan soldiers who aren’t afraid to shoot them. They hide in the forest near the border to find the best time to run to the fences. They often go in large groups, because there’s a better chance of falling to the other side when there’s a large crowd.

If they get captured by the Moroccan soldiers, they only send them to a far Moroccan city called Casablanca. Then they jump on the trains to repeat the process once again,

If they can successfully get to the other side, they can seek asylum and get protected under European laws designated for refugee claimants.

My heart goes with all of those who are struggling to survive as a result of being born somewhere with difficulties. If you’re one of them, be sure that you’ll make it one day only if you try for it!

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2 thoughts on “Melilla and Ceuta – why is Spain in Africa?

  1. A sad situation for people seeking shelter from difficult situations. People who have it better would rather close borders and look the other way than try to help. Thank you for highlighting this – another great post!

    1. Right but you know? I cannot blame both sides. It’s not good that people have to flee their homes in search of a better future, but if the EU wants to take it easy, soon the situation will be out of their control.
      I just hope for better opportunities for less fortunate countries in the future to allow them stay with their family at home. Immigration is not easy at all! In fact, crossing those fences is the easiest part of their journey! It’s hard to start from the beginning in another country!
      I talked too much! lol
      Thank you for your comment!

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