The Ultimate Travel Guide to Libya

Is Libya an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Libya? Where is Libya’s capital? What is the tourism in Libya like? Where is Libya on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Libya? Where is Libya? Is Libya a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Libya? What to do in Libya? What is the history of Libya?


Africa is so diverse, especially in the Maghreb region where beautiful countries such as Algeria, the biggest country in Africa are located. Maghreb countries are rich both in history and culture, yet underrated.

In this post, we’ll get to know Libya, Algeria’s neighbor which I’m sure we all know about since Gaddafi had been deceased.

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Recent history of Libya

Libya has been a civilization since 8000 BC and at one point it was a part of the Roman empire and one of the first places on earth which adapted Christianity which resulted in many beautiful buildings and Churches in there.
Anyhow, in recent history, it was colonized by Italy and became an independent state on February 10, 1947. after a while, its former dictator Muammar Gaddafi ruled the country for a few decades until the revolution became violent and a group of armed forces killed him in 2011.
After that, the country has been affected by a civil war between three militant groups that each has control over about 1/3 of the country.

People in Libya

Libyans are just as hospitable and friendly as any other Arab nation. They speak Arabic and a little Italian. They’re caught between the civil war that’s going on and desperate to have a normal life again.

What to do in Libya

Tripoli, The capital of Libya

Although a civil war is going on, this city is still beautiful and ready to get explored by adventurous visitors!

Tripoli Beach Park LibyaEmhemmed Elmgharief Street TripoliTripoli Central Business District from Oea Park

Try Libyan cuisine

Libyan cuisine is inspired by Italy and mixed with other Mediterranean style dishes. it’s spicy and very delicious, especially Libyan Couscous.


Old City in Tripoli

As mentioned above, Libya was a part of the Roman empire and a colony of Italy, during both of these periods, gorgeous buildings were built that made it until today. walking around the Italian built town called “the old city” makes you go back in time.

Benghazi Zoo in Benghazi, Libya

Built in 1956, this zoo expanded as much as becoming the biggest park in the city of Benghazi. There are a lot of animals and birds in this zoo, as well as playing ground for children.

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  1. If I have ever seen a beautiful Full Moon, that was in Libya way back in 1967, immediately after the Arab-Israeli war.It was simply breathtaking and I don’t know how long I kept gazing at it! Having said that let me also tell you about a very unpleasant experience in an expensive Libyan hotel. Having finished our business in Libya, my friend and I were to take an early morning flight out of Libya. To our horror we found that the taps in the bathroom were absolutely dry! So early in the morning at 4 A.M. we had to pick up a quarrel with the Manager who in his magnanimity(!) sent us two bottles of water! Are any further comments necessary?

  2. I didn’t know Libya was colonized by Italy, some of the Building’s are what I seen in Rome. How beautiful it is and such culture, you know the news
    Doesn’t show this Libya. Unreal the propaganda we are surrounded by. Thanks for this share and insight info!

  3. Loved this post. Have a question for you. Since you are into all of this two cultures I have always been interested in are the Inca’s and the Aztecs. I mean what in the heck happened to these people? Where did they go? do you know anything about them? Thanks and God Bless, SR

    1. As far as I know, some of them died because of the European diseases, some others made deal with Europeans and if they weren’t open to deals, they magically (!!) got involved into civil war or something!
      Thank you for your comment!

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