The Ultimate Travel Guide to Guinea Bissau

Is Guinea Bissau an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Guinea Bissau? Where is Guinea Bissau’s capital? What is the tourism in Guinea Bissau like? Where is Guinea Bissau on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Guinea Bissau? Where is Guinea Bissau? Is Guinea Bissau a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Guinea Bissau? What to do in Guinea Bissau? What is the history of Guinea Bissau?


There are a few countries on earth with the same name, everyone knows about South and North Korea because they frequently make their way to the headline but other twins like Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, or DR Congo and R Congo. We’re going to introduce the least known twins, Guinea and Guinea Bissau, the twins who were separated since birth!

Guinea and Guinea Bissau are always among the least visited countries in the world which means, no tourists around, except you, or in other words, you’ll have the entire countries to yourself, something like the Sunny islands of Comoros!

Exciting, right? Let’s see what else these countries are hiding in themselves! We covered Guinea in the previous post and now describing Guinea Bissau!

Recent History of Guinea Bissau

Despite Guinea, this sister was colonized by Portugal which is the reason why these twins could never join each other! Guinea Bissau declared as an independent country on September 24, 1973.

They had bunch of presidents ever since but the country still has a long way to be considered a democracy!

People in Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau has about 1.2 million people. They’re from different tribes, making the country diverse.

The official language is Portuguese but some People cannot speak it because they didn’t go to school and only speak their local dialects.

Although the bigger sister, Guinea is a strict country, Guinea Bissau is a relaxed one! Everything’s chill and there’s no traffic even during the rush hour!

What to do in Guinea Bissau

Ponta Anchaca in Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau has tons of gorgeous islands to enjoy. You can easily boat between them by affordable locals boats. Ponta Anchaca is one of the famous ones.

Credits: Reservations

Bissau Cathedral in Guinea Bissau

Bissau Cathedral is located in Downtown Bissau (Guinea Bissau’s capital). It was built in 1935 and is getting used as a lighthouse as well! It has a steady green light at the top of its northern tower and is still functional today.

Credits: Wikipedia

Bissau, the capital of Guinea Bissau

Bissau, the capital is a chill city to explore. There’s no traffic or rush hour! There are a lot of photogenic abandoned Portuguese buildings around that gives the city a classical look!

Credits: Wikipedia

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