Cyprus and Northern Cyprus explained

Why is there two countries called Cyprus? Where is the capital of Cyprus? How much is Cyprus’s population? What language do they speak in Cyprus? Is it always sunny in Cyprus?

It seems a bit confusing when you look at this tiny nation on the map.

How can such a small island have three different countries in it?

The Island is shared between Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, and the UK in 9,251 km² !!!

History of Cyprus

Just a few decades ago, Greek Cypriots were living peacefully with their fellow Turk Cypriots under the United Kingdom’s control. they gained independence in 1960 and four years later, they started a war which resulted in dividing the island into two parts right from the middle of their capital, Nicosia.

Then there’s UN peace forces between them to make sure the island remains calm and a UK military base which is officially a part of the Kingdom with this condition that they would never use it for civilians!

What to do in Cyprus

Apart from history, this island has a lot to offer.

Let’s go to the Beach!

First things first, it’s usually sunny and warm which is already good news and to make it even better, it has white sand beaches and clear water. you’d probably hang out at the beach all day long, but fun things don’t end here!

Romans history in Cyprus

Cyprus’s background has its roots in more than 10,000 BC!

You can visit various historical sites such as Tombs of the KingsNea PaphosKykkos Monastery and Church of Saint Lazarus.

I mean, what’s better than chilling on the beach till noon and check out historical sites in the afternoon?

Amusement Parks

They have a few cool water parks and the most famous one is WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Ayia Napa!

Parko Paliatso Luna Park would make you and your kids a great night all by itself!

Crossing Cyprus to Northern Cyprus

I would call this one your coolest experience while being there in Cyprus.

Remember when I told you about dividing the island from the middle of Nicosia? That’s where you cross the border! While walking in the city, you’d see the walls blocking the alleys where the line is and you need your passport to walk into the other side.

I know it’s sad to see lines and borders, but it’s kind of cool too! as soon as you go to the other side, it becomes a completely different world. you go from an EU member country to something like suburbs of Ankara in Turkey.

All of the writings change from Greek to Turkish, so do the shops’ style, food, and cars! It is worth it to experience it if you are planning to visit this magical place.

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