Does heaven look like Antigua and Barbuda?

Where is Antigua and Barbuda located? What is Antigua and Barbuda capital? How’s the weather like in Antigua and Barbuda? What are Antigua and Barbuda resorts like?

being in one of the most popular geographical locations, the Caribbeans, these beautiful islands offer you an extraordinary vacation.

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Recent History of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda were discovered by Christopher Columbus but he didn’t establish anything in there rather than enjoying the view for a few days.

Britain occupied the islands and held them for a while. They brought black slaves to work on the farms. The islands became independent in 1967 and their official language is English.

People in Antigua and Barbuda

More than %90 of the population is black, descendants of the slaves who were brought in to work at the island.

There’s a minor group of the natives of the island (Less than 500 people) and %1 are white.

People are used to mass tourism and they all speak English, so, you’d have no problem communicating with them.

What to do in Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda are two different islands.

Most people live in Antigua while tourists go to Barbuda because that’s where most resorts and beaches are.

Walk around in Saint John’s streets

The capital is so beautiful with its bright colored buildings and welcoming residents.

You can book a city tour upfront or hire a local tour guide when arriving there.

Some people rather walk around themselves.

St. John’s Cathedral

This gorgeous church was built in 1683 and has the capacity for 2200 people.

It has been subjected to earthquakes and water damages three times since its birth, but it’s still standing strong!

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

There are two reasons to visit this museum.

1-The building itself is the oldest building ever built on the island, still being used.

2-It reflects the history of the island since its formation.

Plan your Marriage in Antigua and Barbuda

Yes! That’s what most people do. This country is always among the top 10 places for holding marriage ceremony as it has beautiful mountains and beaches.

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