Bhutan, the mysterious Buddhist Kingdom, Explained Briefly

Can tourists travel to Bhutan? What is Bhutan flag like? What does Bhutan flag mean? how to get Bhutan visa? What is Bhutan religion? Why is Bhutan not in this world? Why Bhutan was the last country allowing TV and Internet in it? Why does Bhutan have happiness index? We’ll answer all of these question in the Bhutan’s post, right here!

This small landlocked country is completely a different world!

If you want to see a unique lifestyle but not willing to take the risk of traveling to North Korea, Booooom! Bhutan is calling you!

This country is anything but normal!

Recent History of Bhutan

Bhutan used to be a part of Tibet a long time ago and then separated as an independent state.

They’ve never been colonized but Britain forced them into signing a contract allowing them to have indirect control over the country which was being done by India. Even today, India still has a heavy influence over Bhutan. For example, Indian citizens are the only ones in the world that can travel to Bhutan by their ID card. Bangladesh has the same privilege but they should use their passport.

People in Bhutan

Almost everyone in Bhutan is Bhutanese.

They only have a minor Nepalese community whom they don’t get along with. Bhutanese government and people are extremely proud of their nationality and have strict rules like making everyone wear traditional Bhutanese clothes in most places which Nepalese do not like to obey.

A Nepalese woman

What to do in Bhutan

Appreciate the Bhutanese Culture

Bhutanese culture is still so pure and beautiful. They were almost the latest country in the world that allowed Television to enter homes and not because of the censorship, only to preserve their Buddhist traditions as much as possible. They allowed access to the Internet at the same time.

Paro Taktsang in Bhutan

This gorgeous Temple is sitting at the top of the mountain. It’s extremely beautiful to look at this masterpiece built in 1692!

After reaching the temple, you won’t believe your eyes while looking at the scenery it has to offer.

Punakha Dzong in Bhutan

Also known as Pungthang Dewa chhenbi Phodrang (the palace of great happiness or bliss), is the administrative center of Punakha District in Punakha.

The country’s new King’s wedding was held here in 2011. The young Bhutanese couple are among the most attractive royal couples in the world.

Credit: The Royal Correspondent

Punakha Suspension Bridge in Bhutan

This 520-foot-long suspension bridge connects Punakha Dzong to Shengana, Samdingkha, and Wangkha villages across the Tsang Chu River.

This colorful bridge is reliably stable and gives you a great view of the river, valley and the mountains.

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      1. Bhutan was not part of Tibet long long ago. Bhutan is independent country, since the existence of world. People of Bhutan are there from the beginning of universe. Same like , presence of fish is nature when there is water. Indeed, Bhutan, which they called the Lho Mon (southern country of the dark), was not unknown to the Tibetans. In 1616 , great lama ( priest) Nagawang Namgyal found Bhutan and union as country called Bhutan. In 1907 , people of Bhutan throne sir, Ugyen Wangchuk as first monarch of Bhutan .

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