10 useful Tips to have an enjoyable Trip

Traveling is one of the most amazing pleasures that this world has to offer, but some small details could affect your whole journey positively or negatively. In this post, we’ll talk about 10 useful tips to have an enjoyable trip.

1- Eat the local food

When traveling somewhere new, the most exciting part is trying the local food. Then don’t hesitate, go for it!

2- Don’t plan strictly beforehand

Fun things usually happen unplanned. Don’t have a strict plan or you’ll miss a lot of great memories and stories.

3- Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

Each year, countless travelers get injured abroad and fall into big debts, just because they didn’t buy travel insurance! Be smart and buy travel insurance before stepping out of your country.

4- Have some passport photos ready

This one may seem odd, but it comes handy if you need to apply for a visa or even a simple sim card.

5- Take selfies

Some travelers ask others to take their pictures and after going back home, they notice the supposed to be “dreamy photo” is a disaster! Just take selfies instead!

6- Learn a few words in your destination’s language

Not everyone speaks English in other countries and knowing a few words in their language would be more useful than you think. It’s also a sign of respect.

7- Have a few debit and credit cards with you

Have three different debit or/and credit cards with you in case one of them gets blocked by your bank or even gets stolen.

8- Have emergency cash on you

Always have emergency cash with you that is placed in different pockets and bags (even in your socks if you fear of thieves). You never know what’s waiting out there!

9- Don’t lose temper if everything goes wrong

Bad things don’t always happen to others. Sometimes everything goes wrong in your trip and at that point, you have two options, whether to act stupid or control your feelings and move on!

10- Visit the touristy stuff

Touristy places have become busy for good reasons! If you want to be different and visit places with no tourists (not talking about nature) there’s a good chance of wasting your precious time visiting less worthy places!

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6 thoughts on “10 useful Tips to have an enjoyable Trip

  1. Water is definitely a lifesaver! I do every trick in the book to help with jetlag but it can still hit hard. I feel sorry for people flying during this pandemic if they can’t remove their mask to drink water. After all, flying a long time makes you feel like an Egyptian mummy! ⚰As I always say, take me to the British museum!

    1. That’s right.
      The first time I traveled alone, I didn’t even know what jetlag was. I was suffering like no tomorrow until a random lady told me that I should’ve drank lots of water.
      I learnt it the hard way I guess! lol

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