15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From Cyprus to Iceland, and Russia to Portugal, there’s a beach for every taste in Europe. If you are planning for your next holiday or weekend getaway, keep reading as in this post, we’ll talk about 15 most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Bolata beach, Bulgaria

Credits: Wikipedia

Located in the Northern part of the country, Bolata beach is Bulgaria’s well-kept secret. Once you get there to the beach, you feel the calmness around as only local citizens of the nearby seaside resort of Kavarna are aware of this perfect semi-circle shaped beach.

Even though Bulgaria’s beaches are becoming popular around the world, Bolata beach is still a hidden gem if you like to relax at the beach for real!

Best time to visit: July-September

Things to do: Swimming/bathing

Bolata beach on Google maps

Cala Pregonda, Spain

Cala Pregonda beach is located on Menorca’s northern coast. The golden sand on this beach is gorgeous and would occupy your children at least for a few hours. This beach is perfect for lazily swimming as its location protects it from heavy Mediterranean waves. There are no facilities near Cala Pregonda tho! The nearest car park is about 30 minutes away by walking which means this beach is nice and relatively quiet.

Best time to visit: June-September

Things to do: Diving, snorkeling, Swimming/bathing

Cala Pregonda on Google maps

La Cinta Beach, Italy

Credits: Sardinian beaches

Sardinian beaches stand out among other Italian beaches because of their crystal clear water accompanied by white sand. La Cinta beach is not an exception. This beach is as stunning as it gets. It is actually about 5 km long. The end of the beach nearest San Teodoro is where you’ll find all the amenities and the crowd. But as you walk north, the environment changes fast, becoming wild and quiet.

Best time to visit: July-August

Things to do: Kite surfing, Swimming/bathing

La Cinta Beach on Google maps

Mamaia Beach, Romania

Credits: Wikipedia

Mamaia is a beautiful Romanian beach resort strip on the Black sea. This beach is 8 km long and 300 m wide and is full of hotels and restaurants. Mamaia beach has almost no permanent resident as the weather is mostly hot during summertime.

Best time to visit: mid June – early September

Things to do: relaxing, restaurant surfing, sunbathing

Mamaia beach on Google maps

Plage de Saleccia, France

Credits: Wikipedia

The beach of Saleccia is a long strip of fine white sand that stretches for 1,200 m, near the Punta di Curza.

Tip: Walk the beaten path through the pines near the northern end of the beach (look for the pole rising out above the trees) and you’ll find a small rustic looking snack bar.

Best time to visit: September

Things to do: walking, swimming/bathing, relaxing

Plage de Saleccia on Google maps

Akra Drastis, Greece

Credits: Feel Greece

Greece is an amazing country for a beach vacation in general with a lot of islands that would spoil you with a wide range of choices it gives you! Akra Drastis is the northwestern-most point of Corfu island. You can reach this untouched beach via boat. You want to visit this beach because of its weird-shaped cliffs that have fine sand around them.

If you like to skip the crowd, Akra Dratis is for you. This beach is not recommended for kids.

Best time to visit: April – May, and September – November

Things to do: Boat, walking, hiking

Akra Drastis on Google maps

St Nicholas Island, Montenegro

Credits: My Guide Montenegro

St Nicholas Island in Montenegro is one of the smallest, yet most beautiful islands in Europe for a nice vacation. This island has three large beaches as well as a few small ones. It is right beside Budva, half an hour away from Montenegrin airport, Tivat airport and two hours from Dubrovnik airport in Croatia.

Best time to visit: June – September

Things to do: relax, sunbathing, explore Budva

St Nicholas Island on Google maps

Porthminster beach, England

Credits: Visit Cornwall

Ever thought of going to England for a beach vacation? That’s fine, it’s not too late. Porthminster Beach in the South West of England Cornwall is a must-see beach to visit if you’re around. It has crystal blue water and nice white sands which makes it a great getaway for a weekend or even a full holiday.

Best time to visit: August – end of September

Things to do: Relax, Swimming/bathing

Porthminster beach on Google maps

Pasjaca beach, Croatia

Credits: the Dubrovnik Times

Pasjaca beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Europe and one of the bests in the world. This fabulous beach was almost made miraculously. The remaining rocks that were abandoned on the seaside from a tunnel project in 1955. After a while, mother nature transformed these rocks into pebbles then into the sand. And humans repeated the process up until now to preserve this stunning beach.

Once you’re done with the beach, start shopping in the town of Popovici, and then get ready to explore the world-famous Dubrovnik.

Best time to visit: September – October

Things to do: Relax, reconnect with nature

Pasjaca beach on Google maps

Cape Greco, Cyprus

If you’re a fan of hiking and relaxing at the same time, Cape Greco in Cyprus is the place to go. Cyprus in general is an island country, in the middle of the Mediterranean with the sunniest days in Europe and an amazing warm climate year-round. Back to Cape Greco, after you’re done hiking those beautiful cliffs, use a boat to pass the natural-made rock bridge which makes you wonder how mother nature can do such wonders like that and blue lagoon water at the very same place?

Best time to visit: May – June

Things to do: hiking, swimming, relaxing

Cape Greco on Google maps

Praia da Marinha, Portugal

Being located in the famous Algarve region, Praia de Marinha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. With calm clean water, and those soft sands, who doesn’t want to travel there?!

Best time to visit: mid-September – late October

Things to do: snorkeling, swimming/bathing

Praia de Marinha on Google maps

Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

Oludeniz beach (aka Blue Lagoon) in Turkey is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its pebble shores and aquamarine waters make you want to stay there forever! Oludeniz is also one of the best places in the world for Paragliding, thanks to its calm weather year-round and the exceptional views it has to offer.

Best time to visit: April – May

Things to do: Paragliding, swimming/bathing, relaxing

Oludeniz Beach on Google maps

Black Sand Beach (Reynisfjara), Iceland

Ever thought that a beach could be black too? Well, here you go! There’s no palm tree and coconut on this beach which is why it’s a very special and must-see beach to visit. This outstanding unique beach has been featured in Season 7 of the HBO Series Game of Thrones too.

Best time to visit: July – August

Things to do: get inspired

Black Sand Beach on Google maps

Beach Promenade, Russia

Located in Yantarnyy, beach Promenade almost feels like it’s popping out of a dream. Just when you think you’re in the middle of a national park, you find your way to this small paradise. You can also enjoy the ropeway ride which is at the end of the Promenade.

Best time to visit: July – August

Things to do: Fishing, ropeway ride

Beach Promenade on Google maps

Shekvetili, Georgia

Credits: Booking

The sand in Shekvetili beach in Georgia is darker than normal which is actually good for treating cardiovascular diseases, nervous system problems, paresis, rachitis, and musculature diseases. This beach is an amazing place for a family vacation, especially if you have children.

Best time to visit: March – May

Things to do: treatment, relaxing

Shekvetili on Google maps

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