Egypt vs Morocco – Which country should you visit?

Visit Egypt or Morocco

Want to either visit Egypt or Morocco? Egypt and Morocco are without a doubt two of North Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. However, the two unique nations on opposite ends of the continent with significant contrasts, and if you’re limited to choosing just one trip, you’ll need to understand the differences between Egypt and Morocco. Despite the fact that they both have camels, historic cultures, and the vast Sahara Desert, they provide two completely distinct experiences. In this post, we’ll help you choose which destination is better to visit, Egypt or Morocco.


Things to do


If you consider yourself a world traveller, Egypt should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. Not only does Egypt have the most gorgeous cities – Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza – but it also has a plethora of things to see, do, and buy for. There are many locations to explore and learn about Egyptian culture, as well as many enjoyable and instructive activities to do in Egypt that isn’t featured in any travel book.

Hurghada – Go Scuba Diving

Visit Egypt or Morocco-Red-sea-under-water-Egypt

On Egypt’s Red Sea coast, the resort of Hurghada is famed for offering a variety of interesting things to do in Egypt in December. The breathtaking scenery, which includes coral reefs, crystal blue oceans, and a sandy shoreline, makes this an ideal location for diving and snorkelling. There are many things to participate in Egypt, but this is very shocking, isn’t it? We feel that your tour would be completed without a stop at Hurghada’s Grand Aquarium.

Giza – Learn To Make Papyrus

Visit Egypt or Morocco-Papyrus Egypt Ancient

The development of paper was one of Egypt’s most significant achievements. They produced writing material out of pulp from the papyrus tree, which may still be seen growing along the Nile. Visitors are intrigued by a demonstration of how we believe the early Egyptians manufactured paper at the Papyrus Institute in Giza (where the Pyramids stand). Papyrus is one of the most popular items to buy in Egypt, and you can easily get papyrus souvenirs here to help you remember your trip to Egypt in a meaningful way.

Karnak Temples – Pay Your Respects To The Pharaohs

Visit Egypt or Morocco-Pyramids-Egypt

The Karnak Temple Complex is located north of Luxor and is one of Egypt’s most stunning locations. The ancient pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty held Karnak in high regard as a sacred site. It was also the major centre of worship for Egypt’s ancient Thebans.
While most people regard it as a beautiful monument, only historians, archaeologists, and history buffs appreciate its actual significance, which is why so many people go from all over the world to visit it. One of the nicest things to do in Luxor is to go around the entire complex and view the incredible assortment of sanctuaries and shrines devoted to the Theban Triad. The Temple of Amun-Ra, the biggest of the group, is not to be missed.



Morocco is deceptively large and diverse, and seeing the finest of its coastline, mountains, deserts, gorges, towns, and ruins in one trip is impossible — unless you plan on remaining there for a long time.
Morocco has a diverse range of activities and places to visit, including trekking in the Atlas Mountains, camel-backing in the Sahara, and surfing along the Atlantic Coast.

Experience the Marrakesh Markets

Marrakesh bazaar-visit Egypt or Morocco

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most popular tourist attractions, and one of the finest things to do in Morocco is to visit one of the city’s many markets.

You can immerse yourself in local life by visiting the city’s bustling souks and markets. Negotiate for carpets, have tea with the natives, and depart with many more treasures than you’ll ever need!

Visit the Roman Ruins of Volubilis

Travel Morocco

Archeological sites abound in Morocco. The Roman remains of Volubilis are worth seeing if you want to learn more about the past.

Volubilis, which is near the current city of Meknes, dates back almost 2000 years to the ancient Berber kings that dominated Morocco.
When the Romans arrived, they considerably enlarged it, leaving a legacy that may still be seen today.

Visit Casablanca, Morocco’s Largest City

Visit Egypt or Morocco-Casablanca Morocco

Although Rabat is Morocco’s capital, it is not the country’s largest city. That honour belongs to the considerably more well-known city of Casablanca, immortalized in the classic film of the same name. Casablanca has a wonderful blend of French colonial architecture and Islamic-inspired buildings, palaces, and mosques to see.

Visit the city’s museums, take a stroll along the Corniche, and take in the various parks and attractions that Morocco’s largest metropolis has to offer.

Take advantage of everything Casablanca has to offer.


Both countries are amazing and similar in terms of things to do. However, if you are sold on the pyramids or other historical sites, Egypt is the place to visit. Morocco, on the other hand, is ideal for those who want to see medieval markets and soak up the peculiar atmosphere of Beduin culture.

Still, looking to see whether you should visit Egypt or Morocco? We compared them from a few more aspects.



Food is one of the main reasons why people travel to other countries. Both Egypt and Morocco have numerous authentic dishes for vegan travellers, vegetarian travellers and meat lovers. In fact, both countries are heaven for vegetarian travellers who love fruits and vegetables. Also, meat lovers will find plenty of dishes to choose from. However, there are some differences between Egyptian and Morocco cuisines.

When visiting Morocco, you must delve into the depths of the cuisine – and the same can be said for Egypt’s food culture! Both countries have distinct personalities of flavour and wonderful food, from aromatic tagines to flatbread and spice. But which is the more delicious? Let’s see if based on food, you should visit Egypt or Morocco.


Egyptian cuisine heavily relies on legumes, vegetables, and fruits grown in Egypt’s fertile Nile Valley and Delta. Egypt is located at the intersection of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Egypt’s culinary traditions are quite distinct from those of Morocco, with greater Middle Eastern influences. There is plenty of fava beans, chickpeas, and hummus, as well as a variety of spices and veggies.

Below is a list of the most famous Egyptian foods:



Another Egyptian national dish is Koshari (or Kushari or Koshary). Lentils, white rice, chickpeas, and macaroni are topped with a spiced tomato sauce and crispy fried onions, making it a popular street snack in Cairo and throughout Egypt.

Koshari is a cuisine that originated in Egypt in the mid-nineteenth century and is essentially a throw-together of pantry ingredients. Whole chickpeas, sautéed onions, and a garlic-vinegar-spiked tomato sauce were layered over leftover white rice, lentils, and macaroni.

Ful medames

 Zachbe at wikipedia

Egyptian cuisine offers many options for vegetarians, and ful medames may be one of the best yet. It’s a stew of creamy fava beans cooked with cumin, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, herbs, and spices, and it’s an Egyptian national cuisine.

Ful medames (or foul mudammas) is an Egyptian staple, but it’s also popular in other Middle Eastern, Levantine, and North African countries. It’s an everyday Egyptian dish, similar to Aish Baladi, that can be eaten at any time of day – for late breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Ful medames, like hummus and baba ghanoush, is often served as a dip with warm pita bread.


Spiced boiled lamb/beef served with garlicky warm tomato sauce over a bed of rice and toasted pita bread. In your mouth, there’s a feast.

Fattah is a popular Egyptian dish to celebrate any event, especially Eidul Adha, when lamb delicacies, such as these lamb chops, are in full swing. Fattah is often offered at weddings, get-togethers, during Ramadan, and when a new baby is born. Fattah is a Middle Eastern dish with a variety of names and ingredients, such as chicken shawarma Fattah or this eggplant Fattah.


Aish Baladi

In many cuisines, bread is an essential ingredient. It has a dual function: not only is it a significant part of the meal, but it also functions as a tool or receptacle for food intake. This is true of Egyptian cuisine and aish baladi.

The Egyptian counterpart of pita bread is called Aish Baladi (or Eish Baladi). It’s produced using whole wheat flour that’s been cooked at extraordinarily high temperatures. You’ll never have to settle for stale bread in Egypt because it’s prepared many times a day and consumed at every meal.



Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean flavours and is rich in foods such as pomegranates, mint, lemons and oranges, olives, lamb, and the fragrant spices that have been carried to Morocco for thousands of years.

Below is a list of the most famous Moroccan foods:


When it comes to tagine, the famed slow-cooked Moroccan stew named after the traditional clay or ceramic dish it’s customarily cooked in, the sky’s the limit. A meat, egg and vegetable Berber tagine is shown here. It’s stacked in a conical shape and cooked until tender, creating a delicious and attractive display. Tagines are generally eaten straight from the pot, with meat, vegetables, and sauce scooped up with slices of Moroccan bread (Khobz).

Simply leave out the meat (you’ll need to reduce the liquids and cooking time) or make a veggie-only tagine.


Photo: picturepartners |

In Moroccan homes and restaurants, you’ll find a variety of soups, but this one sticks out since it’s distinctly Moroccan and well-loved throughout the country. There are several variations, but Harira is primarily a tomato-based soup with lentils and chickpeas. The stock is normally made with beef or lamb, and rice or finely broken noodles (Chaariya) are frequently included. This traditional Harira dish is not quick and easy to prepare, but it is well worth the effort.



Even though dumping hot meat and broth over a plate of bread isn’t particularly attractive, it’s often recognized as the best flavorful, fulfilling comfort food on the planet. Rfissa, a beautiful presentation of stewed chicken and lentils fragrantly seasoned with fenugreek, saffron, and ras el hanout, is the Moroccan version. The dish is well-known for being offered to new moms, but it’s also a favourite specialty dish to serve to family and guests on other occasions.

Chicken B’stilla


Moroccan chicken Bastilla is the country’s most famous savoury pie, and it doesn’t get much better than this. Traditionally, pigeons were used, but here, chicken is cooked with saffron, ginger, pepper, and cinnamon, then stacked with a herb-laden omelette and fried almonds flavoured with orange blossom water inside crispy warqa pastry. A fantastic combination of flavours and textures.

If sweet and savoury don’t appeal to you, look for a spicy Moroccan seafood Bastilla.


If you are into Middle Eastern and African food combined, Egypt is your new heaven. However, if you are looking for European cuisine mixed with Middle Eastern spices, Morocco is the way to go.

Do you have more questions on whether you should visit Egypt or Morocco? We got ya!



Since both Egypt and Morocco are popular tourist destinations in North Africa, they have a great selection of accommodation.


Egypt has many popular cities among tourists and travellers, so there are tons of options to choose from.


Cairo Skyline

If you are going to visit the current capital, Cairo (yes, they are building a new one) you can find a great place to stay with any budget. For a luxurious five-star hotel experience, consider The St. Regis Hotel. This hotel is both luxurious and located in a great location, near all the cool places to visit in Cairo. For a more affordable, yet nice environment, you can visit Steigenberger Hotel. If you would rather spend your money elsewhere and are looking for the best cheap accommodation in Cairo, visit Dahab Hostel. This place is popular among budget travellers and has many great reviews on TripAdvisor.


Alexandria is an Egyptian Mediterranean port city. It was home to a lighthouse that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as well as a storied library, during the Hellenistic period. The third-largest city in Egypt is very popular among tourists and travellers, therefore it has numerous options to choose from for both luxurious and budget travellers. For a luxurious stay, consider Four Season Hotel. If you are a budget traveller, Green Plaza Inn has many great reviews among budget hotels in Alexandria on TripAdvisor.



Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations among European and Asian tourists. This country has many options when it comes to accommodation in Morocco, both for luxury and budget travellers.


Morocco’s capital is very popular among tourists and is mainly famous for its bazaars and livelihood. As a result, there are many places to choose from for accommodation in Marrakesh. If you would like to experience a one-of-a-kind luxury hotel experience in Marrakesh, visit Royal Mansour Marrakech. If you don’t like to spend a fortune on hotels, consider staying at Hostel Dream Belko which has many great reviews.


Yes, you heard it right! The movie Casablanca gets its name from this majestic city and yes, Casablanca is worth visiting! This fabulous city hosts many visitors each year with lots of hotels and hostels to choose from. If you would like to experience a luxury, similar to the Casablanca movie, Four Seasons Hotel is a great option. If you would like to stay at a budget-friendly hotel in Casablanca, Lhostel a Casablanca is a great option.


While both Egypt and Morocco have many hotels to choose from, the winner is Morocco as it has more options for different budgets.

Still don’t know whether to visit Egypt or Morocco? We compared them in more ways!



You’ll be astonished at how inexpensive Moroccan and Egyptian travel can be. In North Africa, a dollar goes a long way, and haggling is a way of life. Always barter while buying souvenirs, spices, or jewelry in markets, whether you’re in Morocco or Egypt. It is considered impolite not to try, even if you aren’t very good!

Egypt’s average cost of living ($448) is 30% less expensive than Morocco’s ($643). Egypt was placed 187th among the world’s most costly countries, while Morocco was ranked 137th.

Winner: Even though both Egypt and Morocco are way more affordable than any western destination, Egypt is the winner.

Still, looking to see whether you should visit Egypt or Morocco? Keep reading.



Many visitors to Islamic nations are concerned about their safety. Who could blame them after 9/11? What about Egypt or Morocco, for example? Is it safe to go there? Which is the safest option?

Both countries are, in general, perfectly safe to visit.
Have there been any terrorist strikes in Egypt or Morocco? They did, in fact. However, there were attacks in Europe and the United States as well. This is an unfortunate reality that you will encounter everywhere, no matter where you travel these days.
Both countries have far lower living levels than the Western world. Egypt, in particular, has been through a lot in the last decade and is only now beginning to recover. As a result, you’ll encounter little frauds in both nations – but they’re nothing to be concerned about if you stay cautious.

Streets of Marrkesh sfae-visit Egypt or Morocco
A street in Marrakesh

Egypt has experienced substantial public unrest in recent years as a result of political difficulties. Due to terrorism threats and safety concerns, several parts of Egypt are not recommended for tourist visitation. Tourists, on the other hand, are normally safe and can enjoy a cultural excursion to this lovely country. Morocco is thought to be safer than Egypt, and most travel advisories advise taking standard precautions.

Naturally, regardless of where you go, you should always be alert to your surroundings and keep a close eye on your belongings. Pickpocketing and petty crime thrive in the bustling markets and medinas.

Winner: While the situation in both countries is similar, Morocco is still safer than Egypt in general.

Hopefully, by now you would have a rough idea of whether to visit Egypt or Morocco for your next holiday to North Africa or the Middle East. If you have more questions, let us know in the comments.

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