Top 10 reasons you should visit Ghana

Located on the edge of West Africa, Ghana is known as The Gold Coast of Africa. Visiting Ghana is like hitting the jackpot! From amazing people to outstanding cuisine and world-class beaches, you don’t want to skip visiting this African gem. There are countless reasons why you should add Ghana to your bucket-list, but in this post, we’ll talk about the top 10 reasons you should visit Ghana.


1- Africa For Beginners

If there was an “Africa 101” course, Ghana would definitely be its tutor. This country offers you whatever you’d expect from an adventurous African trip with a mild flavor! Meaning you’d still experience Africa at its finest, but won’t face any hardship if you’re not an experienced traveler yet.

2- Peaceful And Safe

Despite some nearby countries, Ghana is a stable democracy, making it the most stable country in Africa. Being a safe travel destination with low crime rates, Ghana makes sure to have the most effective welcome for tourists from everywhere.

3- Beaches

Having a coastline of 539 km (around 335 miles), Ghanaian beaches come in all varieties. From city-side beaches with bars and nightclubs to unspoiled beaches with almost no one around for relaxation and sunbathing.


4- Ghanaian Cuisine

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Yam, maize, beans, cassava, plantain, and rice are the most commonly used ingredients in Ghanaian cuisine. But that’s not about it. Every single dish in Ghana is an art as they’re always beautifully designed and with each bite, you’d experience a bomb of different pleasant flavors.

5- Fascinating History

Ghana is home to more historic forts and castles than any other African country, reflecting the history of colonization and slavery. From Cape Coast Castle to the English country-manor style of Fort Gross Fredericksburg, and the dusty battlements of Fort Metal Cross at Dixcove in the middle of a lively and colorful-fishing hub, Ghana has a lot of UNESCO World Heritage sites that it’s proud of.

6- Diverse Culture

Ghana is home to many different tribes and ethnicities. From The Edina Bakatue festival marking the beginning of the fishing season to the Odambea festival that celebrates the migration of the Nkusukum people, Ghanaian people have a lot of carnivals to showcase their diversity.


7- Tropical Destination

Full of waterfalls wherever you go, rolling mountains, and delightful white beaches, Ghana is an amazing Tropical destination. Ghana’s fabulous nature supplies hiking, surfing, and canoeing adventures to those who are down for an unforgettable African tropical adventure.

8- Budget Friendly

Since Ghana is still not flooded with international tourists, visiting Ghana won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Then you can enjoy visiting this beautiful country, knowing you’re not going to spend all those hard-earned money of yours.

9- Sustainable Tourism

Ghana practices sustainable tourism by encouraging non-mass tourism to preserve protected areas as well as the environment.


10- Friendly People

Welcome to a land where everyone is willing to help. People love to teach you one of the over 20 Ghanaian languages or even give you a local name within minutes. It’s not uncommon to go shopping at a local market in Ghana for your daily grocery and find the seller begging you to visit her family for dinner. Besides all the bells and whistles Ghana has to offer, people are the true treasures of this country.

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  2. A good number of my Nigerian friends in the travel business have been to Ghana at least once. I too would be visiting someday to conclude this decade long debate, Is Ghanaian Jollof Better Than Nigerian Jollof? πŸ˜†

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