Top 10 Reasons to visit New Zealand right now

New Zealand in Oceania is a magical island country to visit. Travelers love their time in New Zealand as it is safe, fun, and adventurous. There are tons of reasons for traveling to this Oceanic gem, but in this post, we talk about the top 10 reasons to visit New Zealand right now!

1- Wellington

Having the title of “the coolest little capital in the world” from Lonely Planet when they chose it as one of their top five cities to visit in 2011. Wellington’s nightlife is improving and a lot of cool places like the New Zealand National Ballet, Symphony Orchestra, and Museum are there to make your trip to New Zealand even better.

2- Maori culture

Maoris were the original inhabitants of New Zealand. You may have seen the All Blacks rugby team as their pre-game ritual. How cool would it be to visit this amazing Maori dance in real life and get to know Maori culture and history in cities like Rotorua? You can also visit other places like the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Tane Mahuta, and the Te Papa museum in Wellington to get to know this tribe better.

3- Abel Tasman National Park

Walk on those golden sands along the beach in Abel Tasman National park and you’ll feel like you’re in Thailand, not New Zealand! But if you want to explore this park more seriously, kayak around it to discover those small caves and beaches that make this place so special.

4- the Glow Worms

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I know the Waitomo glow worm cave is too touristy, but hey, all those people visit this cave for a very good reason! As you float over the cold river in this cave, you see glow worms that shine just like the stars! It’s one of the best things to do in New Zealand.

5- Hobbiton

If you’re a “Lord of the Rings” fan, you know!

6- Fine Wine

New Zealand has one of the finest wines out there. No wonder why a lot of people around the world are obsessed with New Zealand wine!

7- Adventure

If you’re an adventurous person, New Zealand is your promised land! After all, New Zealand is the birthplace of bungee jumping and it’s still one of the best places to try it. But you’re not limited to that. There are countless other outdoor activities like Hiking the Tongariro Crossing, Exploring Fiordland and Stewart Island, and Glacier Trekking on Fox and Franz Josef, just to name a few.

No wonder why New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world.

8- Auckland

Being the largest city in the country, Auckland is the most active and modern city in New Zealand and worth visiting for at least two days.

9- Coffee culture

New Zealand coffee is world-famous. Kiwis are very passionate and serious about their coffee culture. Even one Auckland café claims to have invented “the flat white” the creamy, caffeinated burst of goodness that’s now a regular on café menus worldwide.  

10- People

“Kiwis” is what New Zealand locals are called! Even though the country is proud of its multicultural society, the European culture is still dominant as New Zealand was a former British colony. They are relaxed, warm, and welcoming. You’ll find yourself enjoying your conversations with Kiwis during your journey in New Zealand.

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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to visit New Zealand right now

  1. Yes, agreed!! We love New Zealand. We have written posts on many of the great cities in both the North and South Island including, Queenstown, Mount Cook, Akaroa, Kaikoura, Rotorua (beautiful but STTTINKKKY LOL )Abel Tasman (just posted today) and so much more! We found Auckland to be on the bottom of our list, we preferred the wild and more untouched areas of NZ.=)

  2. Great post! I loved Abel Tasman National Park. The beaches are unbelievable. I have a couple of posts about New Zealand on my page including the Milford track and one on Rotorua if anyone is interested 😊 I’ll definitely be writing more because there is so much more to share!

  3. I agree about the New Zealand arts scene. Hayley Westenra is my favourite singer and seeing her music videos of the landscape and also hearing her in concert made me want to visit New Zealand! I would love to spend a month there someday!

  4. Thank you for this post, New Zealand is a great country for travel, cleverly laid out to offer a wide variety of experiences to suit all tastes. Everyone may wish to add their personal choices to a necessarily limited list, I will mention the third island, Stewart Island, it is like in the early days, a few cottages around a bay and no roads but paths in a still unspoilt nature.

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