Top 10 Best Wheelchair-Accessible Travel DESTINATIONS

Traveling has always been one of the most enjoyable activities for humans, but those with some sort of disability couldn’t enjoy roaming around like others for centuries, until recently that the tables turned! In the last 50 years, a lot of cities in the world are going towards becoming more wheelchair-accessible which makes them easier for tourists with disabilities to surf around these cities.

In this post, we’ll introduce the top 10 best wheelchair-accessible travel destinations in the world.

Montreal, QC, Canada

Montreal, the largest French-speaking city in North America (and of course in Canada) has transferred its hotels, sightseeing places, restaurants, and transportation system as Wheelchair-friendly. This Canadian city is a great spot for anyone who is looking for the European spirit in North America, regardless of being disabled or not!

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Both Sydney and Melbourne are amazing cities to visit in Australia. They also happen to be highly accessible for disabled residents and travelers. For example, Melbourne transportation system is easy to navigate and wheelchair friendly. Most of the tourist attractions are also wheelchair-accessible such as the Great Ocean Road and Victoria’s parks.

Hanauma Bay, HI, United States

Only 25 minutes away from Honolulu, lies this beautiful bay called Hanauma Bay in Hawaii with a gorgeous beach that’s wheelchair-accessible free of charge. Disabled travelers can enjoy the amenities in the bay such as the movie theater, public transport, and the tram to the beach which are all accessible by wheelchair.


This fascinating country is modern, clean, beautiful, and of course wheelchair-friendly! Almost every facility within the country is easily accessible by wheelchair, making Singapore, one of the most wheelchair-accessible countries in Asia.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel’s largest city is absolutely thriving, both in natural beauty and technology. Tel Aviv’s city hall has made some efforts in the past few years, transforming the public transit to being both wheelchair-accessible and also great for those who are visually impaired by reading the upcoming buses at the bus stations, as well as announcing the bus number when it arrives at the station.

Adding to that, the city has passed a rule that makes it mandatory for all new constructions to be wheelchair-accessible.

Seattle, WA, United States

This rainy West coast city has always been at the top of wheelchair-accessible cities in the world. The life of disabled people is almost identical to the others which makes Seattle a fascinating city to explore for everyone, regardless of their disability.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Being constantly among the best livable cities in the world, Vancouver is an awesome city to visit for travelers with any taste and style. With a lot of amenities for disabled people, the city is highly accessible in the transportation of any kind (bus, taxi, sea bus, and sky train). Most of the tourist attractions are wheelchair accessible, so are the hotels.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Are you ready for an interesting tour to the heart of the Mayans culture? Playa del Carmen is calling! Chichen Itza and Tulum are wheelchair-accessible, so are the beaches, hotels, and even equipment for swimming!

Dublin, Ireland

It may be surprising for you that Dublin, the capital of Ireland is extremely wheelchair-accessible with more than 95% of the curbs being cut and lowered. Most of the sightseeing places in Dublin are equipped with ramps, so are most of the hotels, transportation systems, and more!

Cape Town, South Africa

Being modern and beautiful isn’t the only perks for this beautiful South African city. In fact, Cape Town is one of the most wheelchair-accessible cities in Africa. Disable visitors can enjoy visiting the Cape Floral Region and Table Mountain, which together are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  1. I worked with Paralympians for a number of years so definitely understand the accessibility issue. I’m pleasantly surprised that Dublin and Playa del Carmen are on the list, things are hopefully improving.

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