The most Expensive Holiday Destinations

When money is not an objection, any spot in the world could be a holiday destination, whether in the middle of Antarctica or the moon!

Below are the most expensive places to travel in the world. It’s not that unreachable to travel to one of them and experience all that luxury in person. Just book it and while entering your credit card info, keep repeating that you only live once!

Musha Cay In The Bahamas

It would cost you $37, 500 a night to enjoy this small paradise in the Caribbeans with your family or friends (or both!) since this island has room for 12 guests. What’s better than getting a very long massage after a luxury lunch? And if you ever get bored of relaxing beside those dreamy beaches, get into the steam room!

Cayo Espanto In Belize

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Have you always been dreaming of having your own chef and someone to entertain you all day? You can have it for just $1,295 a night in the four-acre island of Cayo Espanto. To be more specific, you’ll have your own chef, divemaster, and a butler! What else can one ask for?

Bora Bora Island In French Polynesia

Bora Bora is just as amazing as its name. Do you fancy experiencing what celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Vince Vaughan did? Those over-the-water luxury bungalows are calling you for around $400 to $1200 a night which is honestly a bargain, considering all the scuba diving, clear water, and luxuriousness of this fascinating island in French Polynesia.

Moorea Island In French Polynesia

Moorea is just as gorgeous as its sister, Bora Bora! This island offers jet skiing, helmet diving, and of course outstanding beaches for around $510 a night. What are you waiting for?

Necker Island In The British Virgin Islands

Would you like to live Sir Richard Branson’s life? You can book his personal residence in the Neckers island for around $60,000 a night. With about 100 people working there, your only concern would be breathing that clean Caribbean air in!

Fogo Island Inn In Canada

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Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada where people are coexisting with nature, not ruining it! The Fogo Island Inn would help you get familiar with this beautiful area in a luxurious way! The Flat Earth suite which costs around $3,100 for a night. The local organic dishes served in its restaurant would blow your mind!


Cyprus is one of the most beautiful spots to explore the magical Mediterraneans, but being the sunniest country in Europe doesn’t come cheap. The best thing about Cyprus is that the island is shared between Greeks and Turks which makes it a worthy place to visit, both for experiencing these amazing cultures and those beautiful beaches you can’t find elsewhere.

Galapagos Islands In Ecuador

Who doesn’t know Galapagos Islands in Ecuador by now? This fabulous island became famous for its diversity in animals thru Darwin, one of the most famous scientists of all time! You’d hit the jackpot by being treated luxury and exploring the island’s rare wildlife.

Lanai Island In Hawaii

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 Owned by the owner of Oracle, Larry Ellison, Hawaii’s sixth-largest island is a shopping haven, as well as an amazing spot to experience marine life. Lanai Island has some luxury resorts which are often booked. If you’re planning to visit this Hawaiian paradise, you better hurry up!

Rang Yai island In Thailand

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Rang Yai Island is one of the most luxurious islands to visit in Thailand. You can visit the Airgun Shooting Range and learn all the basics. Other activities that you can indulge in are Mountain Biking, Fishing and Nature Trail and Hiking. The fun never ends on this dreamy island!

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  1. I’m surprised some arctic destinations or even Antarctica aren’t included here. Ice hotels, dog sledding and even a tour of Antarctica are just a flipping arm and a leg!

    1. I remember I looked into that too, but it wasn’t as much as these ones.
      If you found something, please let me know and I’ll use it for my next post about expensive places.
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