The 10 Happiest cities in the world right now

Although the Coronavirus pandemic shocked the world and changed the norms of people’s daily life, some cities are still happier than others! According to Worldhappiness‘s happiness report that was published in March 2020 (right when the pandemic was affecting everyone), the cities below are the 10 happiest cities in the world in 2020. 1- Helsinki, Finland TheContinue reading “The 10 Happiest cities in the world right now”

World’s Best Cities To Live In

Our world changes each year, so do the rankings. Each year, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Global Liveability Report, releases an update for most livable cities in the world which is based on Stability, Healthcare, Culture and Environment, Education, and Infrastructure. Below are the 10 best cities to live in the world. 10- Adelaide, Australia Adelaide in AustraliaContinue reading “World’s Best Cities To Live In”