The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Seychelles

In this post, we’ll talk about the most beautiful country in Africa where you’ll find Africa’s best beaches. We’ll learn about the Seychelles people, the Seychelles language, the Seychelles religion, the Seychelles map, and we’ll be checking if the Seychelles is a country or a city, if the Seychelles is safe to visit, what to do in the Seychelles while you are there, sightseeing places to visit in the Seychelles!


African countries are the most underrated countries in the world with a lot of potentials to get popular in international tourism.
Seychelles is an island country in East Africa made up of more than 120 stunning islands, but the beaches aren’t the only thing that Seychelles has to offer though! Let’s uncover this exciting country!

Recent history of Seychelles

The Seychelles islands were uninhabited until the 17th century when Europeans started settling over there. The residents were mostly French during the first years of settling on the Seychelles islands but after a while Britain decided to annex Seychelles. The French governor of the islands was a wise man! Instead of starting a war, he negotiated with the British army and gave up on the governing in return for the residents’ protection who were rich white French people!
Finally, after a few years of being a British colony, Seychelles gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 29 June 1976.

People in Seychelles

A lot of African people, as well as Indians immigrated to Seychelles for work, alongside the Europeans who were in Seychelles for international trading business which made the country’s today population that we know as Seychellois!

People in Seychelles speak English, French, and Seychellois Creole as the Seychelles official languages.
More than %90 of the 97,000 Seychellois identify as Christian while there’s a minority of Hindus and Muslims as well.

Seychelles Passport is the most powerful Passport in Africa

For several years in a row, The Seychelles passport has been ranked as Africa’s most powerful passport, as well as the world’s 27th best passport. Seychellois people enjoy the privilege of traveling to 149 countries visa-free, including the EU zone, Britain, Russia, and even China, which makes Seychellois passport very valuable because of having access to Russia, China, and most Western countries!

Visa requirements for Seychellois citizens

What to do in the Seychelles

Seychelles has the most beautiful beaches in the world

Where ever you go in Seychelles, you’ll see beautiful beaches that look too good to be true! You can take a cheap bus from your hotel or resort in Seychelles and enjoy relaxing at the beach while having a fresh coconut in your hand!

Navasakti Ganesha Temple in the Seychelles

Navacakti Ganesha is the only Hindu temple in the Seychelles where Lord Ganesha is the first. There are idols of Lord Murugan, Lord Shiva, Perumal, Durga, and Bhairav. Due to the spread of the Thaipusam festival, the country has declared the festival a state holiday for the Hindus.

Wildlife in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the world’s best countries to protect nature for threatened species, reserving more than %40 of its lands for conservation.

Seychelles is home to a lot of unique bird species, palm trees, and giant tortoises that are all among the threatened species!

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