Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

Reasons to visit Rwanda

Looking for the top 10 reasons to visit Rwanda?

Rwanda vanished from the safari circuit following the horrible genocide in 1994, and it is not on many people’s bucket lists. However, much has changed in the past 24 years, as seen by the serene and dignified attitude in Kigali, the country’s capital.

Rwanda, a vibrant and fast-rising country, has overcome its troubled history by focusing on its finest assets: lush, wooded mountain ranges, savannah plains, and wildlife.

The most popular reason for visiting Rwanda is to see mountain gorillas. However, this little country in central Africa has a lot more to offer outdoor lovers. Lake Kivu is a mountain-ringed inland sea, with the beautiful volcanic cones of the Virungas rising to 4,000 metres above it and an unending sequence of high farmed slopes that have earned it the nickname “The Switzerland of Africa.”

Enjoy this exclusive list of the top 10 reasons to visit Rwanda.

1- Kindest People in the World

If you have a European complexion, you will almost certainly be referred to as a “muzungu” (the white one). Respond with a simple “amahoro” (hello) and a smile, and those who address you should attempt to converse with you. Kigali residents, many of whom understand English or French, are friendly and eager to converse to newcomers. If you visit one of the country’s interior villages, you will almost certainly be followed by a procession of young Rwandans eager to get to know you!

Rwandans are known for being generous and pleasant people. From ensuring visitors do not get lost in Kigali’s city centre and going out of their way to assist with broken-down vehicles to sharing some laughs over a tasty meal or cool beer, hanging out with Rwandans is always a pleasant experience.

2- Kigali: The Heartbeat Of Modern Rwanda

The capital of Rwanda is on the move. Kigali is making a frantic run for modernity, from its newly built colourful Easter egg of a convention centre to car-free zones and, yes, Wi-Fi cafés that serve freshly spun smoothies, locally roasted coffee, and baked scones (Café Neo, Bourbon Coffee). At the Inema Arts Center, where talented young artists exhibit their greatest work alongside monthly yoga sessions and cocktail hours, soak up the brilliant lights of Rwanda’s future.

Kigali is continuously becoming the cleanest city in Africa. You can walk in Kigali for hours and not find a piece of garbage. Residents gather in their neighborhoods every Wednesday to clean the surroundings. And they are very proud of their city as it is one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

3- Meet the Three Tribes of Rwanda

Credit: Rwanda Gorilla Tours

The Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa peoples of Rwanda historically battled over socioeconomic inequalities, but today they reflect a shared commitment to the improvement of all Rwandans. Rwandans take every precaution to guarantee that genocide and other crimes against humanity do not tear the fabric of their country again. Meeting members of these three tribes helps you to see the importance of each of their traditions and their pride in their hometown.

4- Unique Beach Escape

Visit Rwanda

Rwanda is home to one of Central Africa’s greatest beach getaways, believe it or not! With a total surface size of 2700 square kilometres and an elevation of 1460 meters, Lake Kivu is the world’s 18th deepest lake. Imagine spending a few days in Rwanda’s beautiful green jungles, communing with mountain gorillas, monitoring chimps, treading in the footsteps of Rwandan monarchs, and then relaxing at a glittering lake and gorgeous beach.

Sailing, water sports, fishing, beachside relaxing, and much more are all available on Lake Kivu for fun-filled beach days. The beautiful view helps you unwind. A charter boat can transport you to one of the lakefront communities to explore the lake. Gisenyi is the most developed, with peaceful lodgings and post-colonial buildings on sandy beaches tucked among swaying palm trees. Visitors are invited to visit Kibuye, in the middle of the lakeshore, and Cyangugu, in the south, by pine-covered hills.

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel is one of the best hotels in Lake Kivu and one of the highest-rated hotels in Lake Kivu. Clad largely in local and volcanic stone sourced from the nearby volcanoes of Musanze, Its design and setting give guests uninterrupted views of the lake and a chance to spot some of the birds and wildlife in the area. 

Rebero Kivu Resort is also an amazing option for budget travellers in Rwanda who would like to find the best budget hotel in Lake Kivu.

5- A Safe Destination

Most tourists prioritize safety, and Rwanda is one of the safest nations in the world, not just in Africa: in Gallup’s Law and Order Index, which evaluates how secure people feel going home at night, the country rated sixth internationally and first on the continent in 2015. Violent crime is almost non-existent, and Rwanda has escaped the terrorist concerns that have afflicted other East African locations.

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6- Incredible Wildlife Encounters

Rwanda is home to some of Africa’s most interesting wildlife, from mountain gorillas in the north to chimpanzees in the south (Nyungwe National Park alone has 13 species of primates!). Local guides and experienced trackers assist visitors in exploring the jungles and mountain terrain while ensuring that conservation efforts are not jeopardized. Dian Fossey, a primatologist, spent decades studying the great silverbacks in Rwanda. Musanze visitors may presently explore a modest museum dedicated to her, but they will soon be able to learn considerably more. Thanks to a grant from The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, the first permanent, purpose-built gorilla research and education facility will be constructed here in 2021.

7- Famous Big Animals

reasons to visit Rwanda

The main purpose for visiting Rwanda, according to common belief, is to see the mountain gorillas. And with good reason. Volcanoes National Park, in the far north-west of the country, is home to these magnificent creatures (where it rubs up against Virunga National Park in the DRC and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda to create one colossal cross-border expanse of wildlife and wonder). Of course, access is strictly limited – but tourists may see 10 gorilla groups as of 2015, with 80 tickets available each day. These aren’t cheap – $1,200 USD per person, available through the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Reservation Office (00252 57 65 14; – but the experience is unforgettable.

8- The History of Rwanda

The genocide memorial in Kigali is a must-see for anybody visiting the city. The information in the exhibit gives the Rwandan viewpoint on this terrible period in the country’s history, which varies from the European one. The adjoining tourist centre has a considerably more emotional approach; make sure to follow up with a lighter, less emotionally taxing activity. Visiting the memorial allows you to see how quickly the country is rebuilding and how far Kigali has progressed in becoming a modern capital city. However, be aware that the genocide is still mostly taboo, and it is better to avoid discussing it with locals.

9- Fantastic Weather

reasons to visit Rwanda

The climate in Rwanda is always pleasant. Rwanda boasts some of the nicest weather in East Africa, with temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. The rainy season occurs twice a year (about from October to November and February to May), and while moving around becomes more difficult, it’s a little price to pay for the lush green scenery and plenty of flowers.

10- Mount Sabyinyo

reasons to visit Rwanda
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Mount Sabyinyo is an extinct volcano in the Virunga Mountains in eastern Africa. Mount Sabyinyo is the range’s oldest volcano. It is located north of Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s Great Lakes, and west of Uganda’s Lake Bunyonyi.

Mount Sabyinyo is one of eight volcanoes that make up the Virunga Mountains, which span through Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mount Sabyinyo is unique in that it is situated at the centre of the volcano chain, providing incredible views of the mountains, and it is shared by all three countries, i.e. it is located at the point where all three borders meet, providing hikers with a rare opportunity to cross into all three countries at the summit.

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