10 Best Reasons To Visit Ecuador Right Now

Looking for reasons to visit Ecuador? Ecuador is a beautiful country that stands among the limited nations with preserved megadiversity. Situated in the northwestern region of the South American subcontinent, Ecuador is a country blessed with beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures. Quito city of Ecuador had secured the title of “The Best Overall City Destination” in World Travel Awards 2019. Wondering about the reasons to visit Ecuador? Keep reading.

Ecuador is known for its beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, historical towns, and pleasantly warm weather. Due to these reasons, Ecuador has been an attractive site for tourists. Many North American Retirees prefer moving to Ecuador due to the affordable cost of living and the American Dollar being the official currency.

Besides being a wonderful country, Ecuador has a lot to offer regarding lifestyle and exotic cuisines influenced by African and European cultures. This article will elaborate on some of the top reasons to visit Ecuador and experience the best of your vacation in the Latin American region.

1- Pleasant Climate

Situated right on the equator line, Ecuador has the most pleasant warm weather across the year. It’s a suitable location for tourists who like to enjoy the warmth on the tropical beaches. But it is not all warm in Ecuador. If you want to experience the chills, head to the mountainous region where the temperature drops gradually. The ideal climate is for sure one of the best reasons to visit Ecuador.

2- Easy to Travel Around

Quito-Reasons to visit Ecuador

Ecuador is a small place, and you can visit most cities within a day. The historical landmarks and scenic locations are nearby each other. Cities like Quito have good infrastructure, making it easier for tourists to capture things in a small amount of time. Transportation and travelling are convenient to approach and relatively affordable in Ecuador. If Easy transport is not one of the best reasons to visit Ecuador we don’t know what is!

3- Tropical Coasts

Beach Ecuador-reasons to visit Ecuador

Tropical beaches and the coasts of Ecuador are the top attraction for those looking to sunbathe and enjoy the warmth of pleasant weather. The beaches of Ecuador are flooded with tourists throughout the year. People prefer to spend some time enjoying a walk while gazing at the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean.

The U.S. dollar is the official currency in Ecuador. It is convenient for tourists from the North American region to shop in Ecuador as they don’t have to worry about exchange fees. Also, the U.S dollar is the world’s most widely used currency, making Ecuador a progressive country for trade.

5- Affordable lifestyle


If you’re planning a budget-friendly trip, Ecuador can be your perfect tourism destination. The cost of food, transportation, living, and shopping is comparatively affordable. Such a lifestyle makes Ecuador an appealing destination for many old-aged people like retirees.

Recently, Ecuador has become a hot spot for North American retirees looking to relocate as permanent residents of Ecuador.

6- Friendly locals

Ecuador people carnival-best reasons to visit Ecuador

Ecuadorians are warm-hearted and welcoming towards foreigners. They are delighted with tourists on their lands and are always obliged to be at their service. People are generous and helpful, which makes any foreigner feel at home. It’s a rare sight that you’ll encounter a stranger greeting without a smile. For many experienced travellers, Ecuadorian people are one of the best reasons to visit Ecuador.

7- Quality Healthcare

Healthcare concerns are among the top priorities of tourists travelling to a new country. Luckily in Ecuador, it’s nothing to worry about. The healthcare services are reasonable as well as affordable. It’s a soothing relief for many tourists to have quality healthcare service to tackle any worst-case scenario while travelling.

8- Amazing Food

Fish casserole-Ecuadorian food

The traditional foods in Ecuador are worth tasting. Some of the famous dishes include Locro, a mixture of potato soup, corn soup, cheese, and avocado. If you’re more into visiting the coasts of Ecuador, you’ll find Ceviche, which refers to raw seafood cooked in chilli and lime. This dish will give your taste buds a twist of hot spiciness. If you prefer something light on the stomach, Llapingachos can serve as a perfect dish of cheesy potato cakes. For many tourists, amazing food is one of the best reasons to visit Ecuador.

9- Home of chocolate

It may come as a surprise to some people, but Ecuador is often proclaimed as the home of the world’s best chocolate. Ecuador is the largest exporter of cocoa; thus, it’s a natural hub for quality dark chocolate. It’s an excellent opportunity for chocolate-tasting fanatics to visit Ecuador and feast on the most refined coca extraction in the world.

10- Historical City of Quito

Quito stands as the award-winning city of the world to visit and explore due to its historical landmarks and locations. The whole town is like a piece of relic, and it is also categorized among the first UNESCO World Heritage Cities. It’s a center of historic buildings, churches, and museums where you’ll find relics are artifacts. The city of Quito is for sure one of the best reasons to visit Ecuador.

Many tourists prefer to visit Quito when they think of Ecuador. It’s a small location situated between snow-covered volcano mountains. Due to its small area, you’ll find it worth visiting placing on each block.

Thermal Spas

Take a relaxing breath in the natural thermal spas set in the outdoor environment. You’ll find these spas at an hour and a half drive out of Quito. While relaxing in the warm water, enjoy the fascinating views of nature in the surroundings. Treat yourself to a variety of spas and affordable private pools, which you’ll find at various resorts.

Amazonian Basin

Have a truly wild experience by spending a night in the Amazonian lodge. It’s an unforgettable sensation to listen to rainforest sounds, making this heavenly beautiful with the vast greenish landscapes. The cuisine at the Amazonian basin is one of a kind, with the exceptional hotel services you may find at any good resort.


Ecuador stands among the most popular tourist destination for many reasons. Before settling in or even applying for a visa, it’s good to have insights about the location’s highlights, so you don’t miss out on anything. Being the most popular destination of Latin America, Ecuador is gaining several tourists every year who are eager to explore tropical landmarks and historical sites.

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