Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aqaba Jordan

Looking for the top 10 reasons to visit Aqaba Jordan?

The Middle East is full of fascinating cities to visit, including the ones in Jordan. Aqaba, a beautiful city on Jordan’s southwest coast, is where beach life and beauty come together. As soon as you step off the plane, you’ll start to feel relaxed as the warm air and calm surroundings embrace you.

Aqaba has maintained a small-town atmosphere while providing visitor amenities despite its increasing popularity. Here are four justifications for travelling to this Jordanian gem.

Please enjoy this exclusive list of the reasons to visit Aqaba Jordan.


1- Beaches

When considering a trip to Jordan, beaches are typically the last thing on a traveller’s mind because of the country’s deserts and magnificent ancient cities. Jordan is home to a number of restful beach resorts in addition to historical monuments, breathtaking treks, and desert excursions. Jordan has a lot to offer people who love to unwind and revitalize with the sun, water, and sand, with both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Check out the best beaches in Jordan, which range from crowded metropolitan beaches to remote destinations.

Below are some of the most famous beaches in Aqaba.

City Beach

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It is undoubtedly not Aqaba’s nicest beach, but it is a practical choice if you are staying in the city or one of the neighbouring hotels. We advise looking a bit further to the South, away from the busy boat traffic you’ll encounter here due to City Beach’s close proximity to the Port of Aqaba, for a prettier, more enjoyable day at the beach. Although it may get rather crowded, there aren’t any snorkelling or diving locations worth mentioning, making it a fantastic place to people-watch if you’re interested in the local way of life.

Marine Park, Visitor Centre (Public Beach) Al-yamania Beach

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The sole public beach in South Beach, Aqaba, Marine Park Beach, stretches over 7 kilometres and is home to 11 distinctive diving sites. Marine Park Beach is located directly in front of Arab Divers, just 800 m away. There is also a tonne of other things to do here, such as the family-friendly Visitor Center where kids can get a hands-on introduction to some of Aqaba’s rich marine species.

There are restrooms and showers on site (JD 0.50), and there is also a little market to visit and a restaurant serving delectable, fresh local fare. Weekends and holidays in the busy season can see a minor increase in crowding at this wonderful beach. Do you desire more privacy? There are other private beaches a short distance offshore that offer a tranquil and restful ambiance all year long.

Berenice Beach Club

Al Qidra

The Berenice Beach Club is less than 5 minutes drive or just over 1 kilometre away. This seaside clubhouse is a lovely place to spend a day with the family thanks to the large on-site pools for adults and kids (towels are included in the entry fee), as well as boutique shops and a well-liked restaurant with a full-service bar.

Off the 650-meter beach, snorkelling is picture-perfect, and Black Rock, a fantastic dive location, is only offshore.

Royal Diving Beach Club


One of the most stunning locations in Aqaba may be the southernmost private beach, which is around 2 kilometres from Arab Divers. A large, spotless beach provides swimmers with deeper water and beautiful coral reefs (Coral Garden), which are simple for snorkelers and divers to access. There are shallow and deep swimming areas here, as well as facilities with showers, a small bar, and a restaurant. There are ongoing renovations, so access may be limited.


2- The birdwatching

Aqaba has welcomed more than just conquering civilizations during their travels. The vast bird migrations between Africa, Asia, and Europe also use its coastlines as a crucial stopover. In fact, this area has the highest number of white-eyed gulls anywhere in the world.

The bird sanctuary in the Al-Salam woodland, near the Israeli border, is the finest area to see birds while you’re there. This man-made wetland, which is managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, features a 1.5 km walking track that circles a collection of lakes that are teeming with ducks and waders, especially in the winter.

3- Aqaba Underwater Museum

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This new dive location in Jordan may be ideal for you if you enjoy diving and history.

Explore the first Underwater Military Museum, which offers underwater enthusiasts 19 unique battle artifacts, off the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. Military equipment set up along coral reefs in the style of a battle tactical formation creates an exciting underwater adventure that entices divers and snorkelers to explore more and more of the dive site and have an entirely unique experience.

The environment

In collaboration with all responsible and pertinent agencies and associations, ASEZA paid close attention to the environmental implications of the scuttling and took steps to ensure the protection and safety of the marine environment. To follow environmental best practices, all hazardous chemicals were taken out of the cars before to the sinking.

The museum’s position also aids in the restoration of the natural reefs by relieving pressure on them by diverting people to a different area.

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4- The fabulous food

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Jordan is located at the Levant’s crossroads, and the ebb and flow of civilizations can be observed in both its legacy and architecture, as well as in its delectable cuisine. It is flavorful and varied, a vivacious blend of Bedouin flavours and regional interpretations of the most recognizable meals.

Again, the best examples of Jordan’s gastronomic gems may be found in the old town. Locals frequent the old-school eateries in the region of Raghadan and Zahran streets, which serve delectable mansaf, zarb, and the greatest hommous you’ve ever had. The finely minced kebab at Syrian Palace on Raghadan Street is well-known. For a local sugar rush, head to Al Tarboosh, close by.

Make sure to sample sayadieh, a native delicacy. sautéed in a special sauce of caramelized onions, spices, nuts, and herbs from freshly caught grouper. Of course, there is considerable discussion about who produces the best sayadieh in Aqaba, but most residents agree that Captain’s on An-Nahdah Street makes the best.

5- The old town

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The city’s ancient town, just a short stroll from Aqaba’s bustling coastline with its dive shops, dive boats, and crowded restaurants, delivers an intoxicating dose of old Arabia. The souq, a maze of covered stalls, craft shops, and traditional cafes, sits at the center of the city.

Additionally, the superb Aqaba Archeological Museum and the dramatic, crumbling remnants of the Mamluk fort from the fourteenth century are located here. After you’ve finished your sightseeing, spend some time at the Al Firdous Café sipping a local beer. It is extremely simple to picture what Aqaba was like hundreds of years ago when you sit among men in kaffiyehs smoking, drinking, and chatting.


6- Take a day trip to Wadi Rum

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Jordan’s Wadi Rum offers the best desert adventures. This enchanted location, where the movie “Martian” was filmed, is known for its red sand. In comparatively comfortable “Bubble” tents, you can spend the night alone and peacefully in the desert. There are several hiking routes and jeep tours available during the day to take in the huge and distinctive terrain.

Many of the camps will provide a Bedouin-style dinner at night, complete with storytelling, sweet tea, and campfires. To make sure your camp lives up to your expectations, carefully choose it. From Aqaba, you can go to Wadi Rum by bus, private cab, or tour.

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Aqaba is a fantastic place to explore on land and at sea. The Red Sea’s coral reefs are one of its most distinctive and alluring characteristics. You can choose from a variety of underwater adventure locations, like the Seven Sisters Coral or the Cedar Pride.

7- Dive around the coral reefs of the Red Sea

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Aqaba is a great site for beginners to try diving because of its year-round warm seas and great visibility. Advanced divers can also have a great time thanks to the variety of diving location alternatives.


8- Explore the waters in a glass-bottomed boat

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If scuba diving isn’t your style, you can still explore the Red Sea’s coral reefs in an adventurous glass-bottom boat. To allow you and your family, even young children, to fully appreciate the exhilarating experience, they will bring you up close to the spectacular corals and lovely fish of the Red Sea.

9- Petra

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It is a simple day excursion from Aqaba to Jordan’s crown jewel, the rose-hued city of Petra. Nothing can adequately prepare you for the Siq, a mile-long gorge of red sandstone that opens out to the Treasury, the scene that appears on nearly every Jordanian postcard. What once housed 30,000 people and was a thriving Nabataean metropolis could be explored for days.

From temples to graves, you can still find beautiful brickwork today. If you have extra time, think about visiting the lesser-known Little Petra to see its hand-painted frescoes and cave homes.

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10- Visit the Neighboring Countries

Being less than half an hour to three different countries, Aqaba is located at a very interesting location. With one trip, you can get your passport stamped in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt.

In order to visit all three countries though, you should initially enter Jordan through any country other than Israel. The reason is that Saudi Arabia does not allow entry to the country if you have an Israeli stamp. Knowing this, the Israeli border officers do not stamp your passport, but a separate paper. However, when you enter Jordan again, you’d get another entry stamp from the Jordanian officer which reveals where you’ve been! So, visit Saudi Arabia first, then Israel, then Egypt.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi coastal city of Haql is only 35 km (21 miles) away from Aqaba. With the country’s new visa system, most westerners can now easily enter Saudi Arabia. Haql is a beautiful city with nice beaches and other attractions such as the Palm Garden. All in all, you can easily spend half a day in Saudi Arabia before returning to Aqaba Jordan.


The coastal city of Eilat is a charming resort town in Israel which is only 10 km (6 miles) away from Aqaba, Jordan. If it wasn’t for the borders, these two cities could become one! If you are up for the drive, Jerusalem is just 300 km (185 miles) away from Eilat.

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The coastal town of Taba in Egypt is just 25 km (15 miles) away from Aqaba if you go from Israel. However, there is a ferry that connects these two cities directly. And similar to Eilat, if you are up for the drive, the Pyramids of Giza are 425 km (260 miles) away from Taba.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of things to do in Aqaba Jordan and the top 10 reasons to visit Aqaba. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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