Papua New Guinea – Where dinosaurs are still alive

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Our world is full of theories, facts, and ideas but If there are two theories that we all would like to believe, first, the living dinosaurs and second, the Aliens!
In this post, we’ll talk about a country where people believe the dinosaurs are still living in!
Despite its relatively small size, Papua New Guinea has so much to offer that we cannot even cover briefly in this post, but it doesn’t heart to try, eh?

Let’s start with the country’s recent history.

Recent history of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has always been a popular place to annex among world powers such as Japan, China, Britain, Australia, and (somewhat) the US.
In recent history thou, Papua New Guinea was an Australian colony until it gained its independence on 16 September 1975.
Since independence, there was an unhappy Island called Bougainville which didn’t want to be a sovereign state, but wasn’t allowed to! People in Bougainville were not that aggressive until the central government decided to dig into their Copper mines! They were like, “We don’t even wanna be within your borders and now you’re gonna steal our resources and not even spend the money for our people?” which led to a 10 years war! In December 2019, New Zealand’s government was like, “Ok gentlemen! Let Bougainville people decide for themselves!” and they held a referendum that more than %98 of the people voted for independence. The shocking results will now force Papua New Guinea’s government to speed up the process and allow them to have their own country!

Then, in a few years, a new country called “Bougainville” will be born! (I don’t know why I always get excited when a new country pops up!!)

People in Papua New Guinea

More than 850 Indigenous languages are being spoken in the country, making PNG, one of the most diverse countries in the world.
Different groups have different cultures and traditions. We’re talking about tons and tons of special clothing, tribal masks, and festivals! Some of the tribes are used to tourists and would welcome you if attending their events.

What to do in Papua New Guinea

Traditions in Papua New Guinea

As mentioned above, Papua New Guinea is full of traditions and festivals which makes this country stand out!

Wildlife in Papua New Guinea

Maybe it’s a good title to call PNG as “The Birds country”. There are numerous birds and even animals that are unique to this country!

Ulawun in Papua New Guinea

Ulawun is an active volcano that is constantly working and sometimes closing the nearby airports for a day or two.


Dinosaurs living in Papua New Guinea

There is a town in Papua New Guinea where people believed they’ve seen flying dinosaurs over their heads but there’s no scientific evidence that these so-called dinosaurs are anything but a type of Great Frigatebird (a rare bird).

Male greater frigate bird building nest

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