Nauru – The fattest country in the world

Is Nauru an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Nauru? Where is Nauru’s capital? What is the tourism in Nauru like? Where is Nauru on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Nauru? Where is Nauru? Is Nauru a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Nauru? What to do in Nauru? What is the history of Nauru?


Did you know that the USA isn’t the fattest country in the world? Maybe in number, USA is leading, but per capita, the title goes to a country you never heard of! Nauru!
Nauru is a small island country in Oceania that has a very interesting history, as well as exciting facts that make it for the country’s small size!

Let’s scratch Nauru’s surface, shall we?

Recent history of Nauru

Despite its size, Nauru has a very complicated recent history!
Nauru has been controlled by Australia after WW I, but Japan annexed it during WW II and eventually, Australia took it back by USA’s help.
Nauru declared independence from Australia on January 31, 1968, and still has close ties with Australia and depends on it for all of its needs.

People in Nauru

Nauru has a population of 12,000 people and they made their country ranking as the fattest country in the world by having an unhealthy diet! more than %70 of Nauruans are suffering from obesity! (Not sure if it’s suffering thou! Sometimes It’s fun not to think about what you are eating!)

Why Nauru is the fattest country in the world

Participants of a walk against Diabetes and for general fitness around Nauru airport

The reason behind Nauruans’ obesity is that all of their daily groceries have to be imported from Australia and it usually takes about 6 weeks for the supermarkets to restock their shelves, so people have to stock up on unhealthy options like SPAM to make sure they have enough food.

The second reason (As always) is money! Since the Nauruan government is importing all of the country’s needs, the prices are way too expensive compared to a typical supermarket and this is where SPAM shows off again, as a cheap replacement!

Nauru is the least visited country in the world

Nauru receives about 200 visitors each year which makes Nauru, the least visited country in the world and there’s a simple answer for it! There’s not much to do on the Island. Despite its other neighbors like Kiribati and Fiji, Nauru is made up of only one island and there are very few flights to this Island country, mostly from Fiji.

What to do in Nauru

Beaches in Nauru

Since Nauru is an Island, It has beautiful beaches to enjoy, but there’s no resort over there! The country only has 2 basic hotels.

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  1. Interesting to learn about Nauru, and I could not have imagined a small island like that to have it so badly. It is extremely unfortunate that this ruling Is causing the problem:-(

  2. Poverty and obesity are always linked. Don’t shame these people. (Although I don’t think you did. I’m just saying, in general.) Wish I could visit!

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