Montenegro – the laziest country in the world

Is Montenegro an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Montenegro? Where is Montenegro’s capital? What is the tourism in Montenegro like? Where is Montenegro on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Montenegro? Where is Montenegro? Is Montenegro a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Montenegro? What to do in Montenegro? What is the history of Montenegro?


Have you ever dreamed about a paradise where everyone’s relaxed and enjoying the view of the mountains while crawling towards the beach to have a good afternoon nap?
Look no further as you found it right here in this post!
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the laziest country in the world, Montenegro!
Jokes aside, Montenegro is a chill country, they even have a game called “Lazy Olympics” where people just lay down and do nothing and the winner is the one who doesn’t do anything for the longest time!

Let’s see what these folks are up to!

Recent history of Montenegro

In recent history, Montenegro became a part of the former country, Yugoslavia and there’s a joke that says while other Balkan nations were fighting over their issues, Montenegro was taking an afternoon nap! This nation was (Almost) the last Balkans nation to declare as a sovereign state on June 3, 2006, from Serbia.

They get along with both Western countries and Russia. However, they’re trying to join the EU zone and Montenegro is probably the next country that would join the EU since they already opened all 33 sections in the European parliament and already passed a few of them. It is predicted that Montenegro will join the EU in 2025!

People in Montenegro

People in Montenegro are mostly of Montenegrin descendants while there’s a minority of Serbs, Russians, and Albanians residing in the country.

People are peaceful and friendly with everyone!

What to do in Montenegro

Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro has a lot of stunning beaches to relax at! Beach vacation is one of the most money-making industry for the country.

Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

more than 3/4 of Montenegrin people consider themselves religious and with almost %75 of Christians in the country, it’s not surprising to see churches everywhere. The most famous church in Montenegro thou is Ostrog Monastery. This church is carved in the mountains and has a beautiful religious painting inside.


Lake Skadar in Montenegro

Being in the border with Albania, the Montenegrin side of the Lake Skadar is a national park. Lake Skadar is the biggest lake in Southern Europe and offers one of the most unique freshwater biodiversity in the world.

Westlicher Teil des Skutarisee

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  1. Ha, I didn’t know much about Montenegro before now although I’ve seen it pop up on social media and television a lot so thanks for sharing.
    I’ll definitely like to be a part of the lazy Olympics and I bet I can win gold.
    Although, what’s Montenegro’s relationship with Gabon?

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