Marshall Islands, where Godzilla is born!

Is Marshall Islands an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Marshall Islands? Where is Marshall Islands’s capital? What is the tourism in Marshall Islands like? Where is Marshall Islands on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Marshall Islands? Where is Marshall Islands? Is Marshall Islands a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Marshall Islands? What to do in Marshall Islands? What is the history of Marshall Islands?


Our world is full of crazy places, stories, and facts. Some people tend to believe in theories like time traveling, Aliens living on earth, or even living dinosaurs at the moment!

Our next country is the birthplace of one of the most famous dinosaurs, “Godzilla”! It is believed that Godzilla was living on one of the Marshal Islands’ Islands! (The second Islands isn’t a typo, the first one is a part of the country’s name!).

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Recent history of Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands was occupied by Japan until WWII when the US attacked and took over the Islands. They built military bases and sent a lot of troops there and by the time the Marshall Islands became an independent country in 1979, it became questionable that what would happen to the US bases in the country in case they live which was solved when Marshall Islands’s brand new government was like, “You know what? why don’t you guys stay here and control your bases?” and the US was like, “If you insist so! I’ll pay you then!” and that was the deal!
Now more than %60 of the country’s GDP comes from the US.

Godzilla was born in Marshall Islands

When the US military was in the battle against Japan, they pushed them out from everywhere except one of the Islands where it’s believed that a giant dinosaur came out of the woods, killed the American soldiers, and went back to the jungle and eventually died there.

People in Marshall Islands

Marshallese people are Polynesians and come to the Islands several thousand years ago!
After independence from the USA, Marshallese people are enjoying a special immigration rule which allows them to live, work and study in the US with no limits but they won’t be considered a US citizen, nor a refugee!

Marshall Islands PICT0669 (4776527881)

What to do in Marshall Islands

Beaches in Marshall Islands

As a beautiful country in Oceania, Marshall Islands is home to stunning beaches on its 133 Islands and atolls!

Runit Island in Marshall Islands

This island is where the US dropped the heaviest atomic bomb in history as a test and then left the waste. (In case you didn’t know, Nuclear tourism is a thing! Especially in Ukraine).

Kili Island in Marshall Islands

This island is where more than 500 locals who were displaced from Bikini Atoll are living in. They moved out because of the nuclear tests that have happened on their island and the amount of radiation over there which was harmful to their health.

Kili Island - NASA Astronaut Photography.png

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  2. I’ve seen that concrete structure on TV, not a good place to be. Shameful destruction and displacement of people… Sorry, just being honest.

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