The Ultimate Travel Guide to Lesotho

Is Lesotho a country or is it an enclave of South Africa? Is Lesotho poor or rich? Where is Lesotho’s capital? How much is Lesotho’s population? We’ll answer all of these questions in this post!

It is one of the three independent countries which are completely trapped inside another country. The other two are San Marino and the Vatican that are both inside Italy while Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa.

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Lesotho is the only independent state in the world that lies entirely above 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) in elevation. It is full of beautiful views, from waterfalls to Dinosaurs’ footprints.

People in Lesotho

It has more than 2 million population, of African descendants. They gained their independence from Britain in 1966 and have an independent government.

People are %95 Christian and have kept their ancestors’ traditions in terms of living. About %75 live in rural areas, farming. They are friendly and welcome.

How to get to Lesotho

Remember, If you’re driving there from South Africa, you still need your passport to pass the border.

You can also fly to Moshoeshoe I International Airport, but don’t expect a fancy airport, it is old and there’s no entertainment to do in it.

what to do in Lesotho

Afriski Mountain Resort

This resort offers various activities, from skiing to mountain biking. They have accommodation at any level you want, from backpacking to chalet.

Sani Pass

This 9 KM road is the highest in Africa. It starts from South Africa, their border officers won’t let you pass if your vehicle isn’t safe enough while Lesothans would approve almost all vehicles.

The view is breathtaking and it leads to the highest pub in Africa.

This is a full video of how it looks like.

Maletsunyane Falls

This unique waterfall sits beside Semonkong Town.

Maletsunyane Falls

2 Guinness records had happened here, “World’s longest commercially operated abseil” by Semonkong Lodge, at a staggering 204m high, as well as “the world’s highest basketball shot” by an Australian YouTube channel called “How Ridiculous”.

Dinosaurs footprint

This one is my favorite! There are several footprints of those giant dinosaurs in this miraculous country.

Every place on earth has its beauty, dare to see as many as you can including beautiful Lesotho!

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