Haiti – The most mountainous nation in the Caribbean explained

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The Caribbean is the magical region of our planet. Although the whole area isn’t that big, it is home to 13 sovereign states, as well as 17 dependent ones that belong to France, the US, UK, and the Netherlands.
Each island had a different history that results in a different future!
Although there are a lot of potentials, Haiti is the least fortunate Caribbean nation so far which we’ll describe in this post.

Recent History of Haiti

Haiti was colonized by Spain a few centuries ago, then France took over and let go on January 1, 1804, and again controlled them partially for a while.

The Haitian government was a powerful one and one of the first countries to lift the Slavery in the region but things didn’t remain as good. They had a lot of issues going on and besides that, the poverty grew. Now, 59% of its population lives under the poverty line.

People in Haiti

More than 90% of the population is made of Africans who were brought to the island and the rest are either white, Mestizo, or Indigenous.

They all speak French, as well as Haitian Creole that still looks like French. They have a great relationship with Quebec province in Canada because they both speak French.

A large Haitian community lives outside of the country and provide for their family members who are still living there.

What to do in Haiti

Beaches in Haiti

Haiti is in Caribbeans which means no matter how broke the economy is, the Haitian beaches are still gorgeous and worth visiting.

Citadelle Laferrière in Haiti

This citadel is one of Haiti’s icons. one of the revolution leaders built it when they were fighting to become independent.

Musée du Panthéon National in Haiti

Haiti’s history is full of events and heroes, especially during the slaves’ revolution against France. Nowhere in the country can represent history as good as Musée du Panthéon National.

Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien Interior

Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Cap in Haiti

What is France the best at? Building gorgeous churches! They built a lot of stunning churches throughout their colonies and Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Cap is one of the most beautiful ones!

Cathedral of Cap-Haitien

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