Falkland islands or Islas Malvinas Explained

In this post we’ll learn about Falkland Islands war, population, map and even the tourist attractions on the Falkland Islands.

Who owns Falkland Islands, the UK or Argentina? well, this question has been asked since the 17th century!

These beautiful islands sit right beside Argentina’s foot toe while it’s known as a British overseas territory. I know, It seems a little complicated but what comes easy in this world?

History of Falkland Islands

The first human who stepped on these islands was a British captain called “John Strong“. He’s Falkland’s Christopher Columbus with one difference, unlike the US, no one lived on those islands and there’s no evidence of anyone discovering it before him. After a few years, Spain sent people to live there which became the first residents, following them, Britain sent people over as well and they were living peacefully until France decided to attack them but eventually Britain could get over until Argentina said, “Wait, these are mine!” and attacked to get them, Britain was like, “Excuse me?!”, sent its army and got em back.

People in Falkland Islands

People are of European descendant (Mostly British) and their dominant language is English. They had this election a few years ago to choose if they wanted to remain a part of Britain or join Argentina and they chose Britain.

most of them are fishermen or shepherd. They also have a local government.

A Fisherman

What to do in Falkland Islands

Each year, a lot of people get to the Falkland Islands either by cruise or flight and enjoy its unique nature.

These islands are home to some unique species of birds, as well as adorable Rockhopper penguins.

The culture of the people is quite similar to Britain which is interesting to see.

They mostly identify themselves as Anglican Christians and have a church called “Christ Church Cathedral”.

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