The Ultimate Travel Guide to Equatorial Guinea

Is Equatorial Guinea an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Equatorial Guinea? Where is Equatorial Guinea’s capital? What is the tourism in Equatorial Guinea like? What does Equatorial Guinea look like on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Equatorial Guinea? Where is Equatorial Guinea? Is Equatorial Guinea a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Equatorial Guinea? What to do in Equatorial Guinea? What is the history of Equatorial Guinea?


Most African states were either colonized by France, United Kingdom, or Portugal except a tiny nation called “Equatorial Guinea” which is in Central Africa. This country is the land of contrasts, It has one of the richest governments, yet poorest people! (I’m sniffing Dictatorship!) but it’s still worth it to visit this wonderland!

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Recent History of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony until October 12, 1968. After independence, it was governed by dictators until now. The first one governed Equatorial Guinea until 1979 and the second one is still ruling. Surprisingly enough, people aren’t dissatisfied with the current one as he’s not as bad as the first one!

Equatorial Guinea’s best friend was North Korea until they discovered oil! That’s when the country’s transformation into a developing nation got started!

People in Equatorial Guinea

Almost everyone in Equatorial Guinea is African. There’s a minority of whites who are mostly Spanish but after discovering oil, there are now Americans, Chinese, and South Koreans too.

People speak their local languages and Spanish, and because of their neighbors like Gabon and Cameroon, they have to speak French as well. Pretty cool, right?

What to do in Equatorial Guinea

Have some cash with you in Equatorial Guinea

Have some money with you, as you’d need a lot of it! Just like in Angola, since oil discovery, Equatorial Guineas had rapid economic growth with more demand than supply which resulted in rocketed prices for daily needs!

Pico Basilé

Equatorial Guinea has the highest quality roads in Africa

Yes! The country’s road conditions are the best in the whole continent, even better than South Africa!


plaza-del-Reloj in Equatorial Guinea

This large square has a clock tower as well as a memorial statue to the martyrs of the 1979 coup. People also call it “the Plaza de la Libertad”.

Plaza del Reloj Bata #6
Credits: TTNotes website

Pico Basilé in Equatorial Guinea

Besides the motherland, Equatorial Guinea has 2 islands too. Bioko has the current capital, Malabo in it and Corisco on the South.

Located near Malabo, Pico Basilé is the country’s tallest mountain. RTVGE uses the top as a broadcast transmitting station and other communication networks.

Pico Basilé

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  1. Spain had some holdings in Morocco, the city of Tangier, and Spanish Sahara. The only sub-Saharan colony was Equatorial Guinea.

  2. This was the country where a band of hapless mercenaries, bankrolled by British financiers, attempted a coup, the notorious Wonga Coup. It was patterned after a novel on mercenaries, The Dogs Of War by Frederick Forsyth. This was back in March 2004. Seems like an eternity.

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