The Ultimate Travel Guide to Algeria

What do most people know about Africa? Hmm, almost nothing!

The whole humanity thing started in Africa and then from there, people migrated elsewhere in the world. Today more than 1.2 Billion people still call Africa, home!

Algeria is its biggest country in size. The title used to be for Sudan, but since they separated their land into two countries, Algeria owns it now.

Not a lot of people know about this diverse land. This country is truly underrated.

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Recent history of Algeria

In recent history, France used to occupy this country. Although occupation is usually bad, it turned out good for them in some cases. When you walk around the streets in any Algerian city, you’d notice how similar some buildings are to the ones in France. It also transformed their cuisine for good.

Most of their people can speak French for the very same reason.

After the occupation, they continued to have good relationships with France since now.

People in Algeria

Algeria has the friendliest people you’ll ever meet in your life. You can walk into a total stranger and they give you the biggest smile possible. Every day looks like the national happiness day. They are one of the happiest countries in Africa.

Their background diversity is also fascinating. you can see all kinds of people, from Asian looking, to white and dark black.

Racism doesn’t exist in this country at all. You can call people by their skin color like, “Hey Black guy!” or “Hey white guy!” and they would still respond by smiling.

Where is Algeria located?

As you can see on the map, the only green color is in the north, near the Mediterranean Sea where about %90 of the 37 million Algerians live.

The coastline is as beautiful as the ones in the European countries.

Although less than %10 of the population is living in the deserted sides, the government has built a road which goes all the way to its neighbors in all directions, even to the south, to Mali and Niger. Impressive, right?

What to do in Algeria

Plage de Madagh 1

Before starting with historical sites, let’s start with my favorite, the beach!

As mentioned above, Algeria has beautiful beaches, just like the ones in Italy. So, your trip could have multiple reasons!

Plage de Madagh is one of the best ones to enjoy for a full day.

The shrine of the Martyr

This huge concrete monument in the capital, Algiers, was built in 1982 to honor Algeria’s independence.

Martyrs Memorial. Algiers, Algeria

The memorial can be easily reached via a small public cable car, which runs up the hill and connects the monument to the Botanical Garden Hamma (Jardin d’Essai du Hamma).

Jardin d’Essai du Hamma


Less than 2 kilometers away from the monument, sits this gorgeous 57 hectares Botanical Garden. It also has a museum and zoo, making it perfect for families and catching up with friends.

Notre-Dame d’Afrique

Notre Dame d'Afrique

This beautiful Roman Catholic basilica is one of the reasons that doesn’t make their occupation a complete failure. They made it with this purpose, “Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and the Muslims”.

It’s close to the coastline which enables you to enjoy both the church and the sea.


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  1. Excellent post. Would consider touring Algeria. Btw what is Algiers in Algeria? I was looking for that answer from the start, didnโ€™t get it. I think I missed it while reading. Do shareit with me.

  2. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that Iโ€™ve really enjoyed browsing your blog post. After all Iโ€™ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Algeria is so cool! I’ve been there once. People were all smiling.
    Your post is very accurate. It brought back all the memories I had of Algerian people!

  4. Algeria seems so peaceful. beautifully written! I’d like to go there someday after Corona virus!

  5. I wasn’t taught much about Africa in school, but I’ve learned a lot since then, especially since teaching French (and all the countries where French is spoken) and having friends in Congo (Zaire), Burkina Faso, and Uganda.
    P.S. I pray for a different country every day. Would you believe the focus this morning was Algeria? :0

  6. Without forgetting the Andalusian beach, the dune of Bomo, the forests of Emsila, the road of the Corniche… Oran what ! I agree: Algeria is and will remain my country of heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. Absolutely right! And indeed, I don’t remember any racism – or even problems with religion (but my parents left in the early 80s). In the 70s, we did all the parties of all religions, it was great.

  7. Great post! I have visited Morocco which I loved, as well as Tunisia (twice) but never Algeria. I don’t think it is viewed or promoted as a tourist destination, in the UK, but I’m not sure why this is…

  8. Thanks for the information. I discovered things I didn’t know about the country of Algeria. I have seen pictures of the basilica but had no idea where it was. Now I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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