7 Ways To Travel the World for cheap

When hearing the word “Traveling”, most people immediately think about traveling expenses such as flight budget, hotel prices, etc.

Let’s start from scratch!

Prioritize your traveling needs

Life is all about prioritizing! Some people rather living in a suburban area to have a bigger house. Some others spend all of their money on luxury cars and don’t care where they’re living, and some people rather living in a small nasty room, just to be in downtown or an expensive city!

Think about what you want out of a trip. Do you want to spend $100 more on a hotel room that you’re only going to sleep at nights? Are you going to spend a fortune, eating at a fancy restaurant instead of taking a nice daily tour around? It’s not that luxury hotels and fancy restaurants are not good! They’re the best if you can afford them and don’t fall into repaying tons of the money you didn’t have out of your credit card for the next few years!

but if you travel to get to know the local culture, meet new people and have some great memories to tell your grandchildren in the future, you might want to rethink about spending a lot on expensive hotels and restaurants while traveling.

Join a good travel rewards program

Just like your grocery store and gas station’s point cards, you can sign up for great travel rewards credit cards that give you travel points for each dollar you use for your daily needs. Then you can use your travel points on flights (the main travel expense) and hotels.

Some of the travel rewards programs even offer free lounges at airports for their members, or they charge a yearly membership fee for it which is not expensive. Airport lounges offer buffet food, drinks, and better seats to relax while waiting for your flight.

Research the lowest airfares to your destination

Numerous ways would help you save on your flight, but there are some basic rules to follow for finding a good flight deal.

If you don’t have to fly on a certain day, be flexible! It’s best if you travel in the middle of the week (mostly on Tuesdays) when the flight tickets are offered for cheaper.

You could also check for cheaper airlines that have a flight to your destination. Cheaper airlines usually don’t offer power plug, USB plug, a screen with movies & games, and any type of meal. You can still buy your meal from them, but they’d charge a lot for it. On these types of airlines, you usually have to even pay for water! Then you might want to consider having some snacks in your carry on if you book a cheap flight!

Find a free place to stay

The second-biggest travel expense is usually the accommodation (sometimes accommodation is the biggest travel expense!. You can waive your accommodation expense by using one of the most famous free traveling accommodation websites called CouchSurfing. CouchSurfing helps you to find local hosts in the city you are traveling to, and crash at their place for free!

Rent your place on Airbnb

Airbnb is a website where people can either rent their places/rooms, or book one where ever they go! It’s a great idea to list your place on Airbnb to get visitors that bring you some free money, you didn’t ask for! It can be a room, your basement, or the holiday cottage you barely use!

Then you can save the money that’s generated from Airbnb and use it for your own traveling expenses!

You can also buy a property overseas and rent it out as an Airbnb. That would also generate a lot of cash for you to fund for your traveling!

Cook at home instead of dining out

You probably don’t notice the small amount of money you spend to eat outside every day. You’re probably like, “what is this $20 gonna do for me in life anyway?”, well, the short answer is, “More than you’d imagine!”.

If you spend the same money you spend each day on eating out and your daily morning coffee, on groceries instead and cook at home, each day, you’ll save at least half of the money you currently waste, plus you’ll get bigger portions and eat healthier since fast-food chains and restaurants use a lot of salt and oil to make their food more appealing.

You don’t have to be a chef to cook at home! How hard is it to make delicious sliders, out of a bun, bologna, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese? you’ll make 10 sliders with the price of buying 3!

Be flexible with last-minute deals

If you have a flexible schedule and not one of those picky ones, you can find great last-minute deals on websites such as Hotel Tonight where you can find the hotel deals for the same day or the same week, or Hotwire where you can find great last minute flight deals.

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9 thoughts on “7 Ways To Travel the World for cheap

  1. You can also volunteer for programs or enrol in competitions where the winners are opportune to travel for free! Also, if you sign up for Google Maps, one of the perks is an all-expenses-paid trip to California.

  2. This all sounds like very good advice. I want to go traveling when all this COVID-19 craziness is over. One question, though: if you’re staying in a hotel or youth hostel, how can you cook your own food?

    1. Hi Julia!
      Brilliant decision! You won’t regret it.
      Budget travelers usually rely on cheap street foods (mostly in Asia) or canned food.
      Basically if you’re traveling on a budget it’s better not to eat in a restaurant more than once during your trip, and have a strict budget for each day, like say $10 a day and stick to it like your life depends on it (which actually does! 😅)

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