7 best reasons to move with your family to Norway

For some reason, Scandinavia is home to some of the best countries in the world and Norway is no exception. This country is beautiful, modern, and is an amazing country to call home. If you’re already considering moving with your family to Norway but not quite sure yet, this post is for you since in this post we’ll talk about 7 beast reasons to move with your family to Norway.

1- Everyone speaks English

Most Norwegians speak English fluently which makes it easy for English-speaking expats to communicate with Norwegians while working on their Norsk skill.

2- Those Views

Norway’s views are to die for! The nature reaches its maximum level of perfection in Norway!

3- Outdoor lifestyle

Can’t you persuade your children to leave playing video games for more than an hour? In Norway, they’ll ask you for it! Most Norwegians are professional Skiers but that’s not the only outdoor activity in Norway. Just go there and you’d be surprised that outdoor activities are endless in Norway, even during Winter!

4- Amazing education system

The schools would charge you as a parent to have your kid at school but it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, Norway has one of the best Education systems in the world. To make it even better, Colleges and Universities in Norway are free of charge which means no debt after getting your degree.

5- Working culture

Norwegians and Expats living in Norway enjoy working 7.5 hours each day. Plus they get 5 weeks of paid holidays each year which means the government in Norway cares about quality time with family. To make it unbelievable, most employers in Norway are OK if you need to pick up your children from school even during working hours. And since the country shuts off in the afternoons and on the weekends, you can enjoy having even more quality time with your loved ones.

6- Healthcare system

For legal residents, Norway offers exceptional Healthcare coverage which only excludes dental. However, you’ll still pay for your doctor’s appointments ($21) and basic medicines, but if it passes a certain limit (about $1800), even those things will be free of charge.

7- The Government is on your side

Credits: puzzlegarage

The government in Norway is one of the least-corrupted ones in the world. For example, they save all of Norway’s income from their gas sales in the country’s national pension fund which is worth about $376 bn so far!

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27 thoughts on “7 best reasons to move with your family to Norway

  1. Norway has also been subsidizing electric cars and they have the most electric cars of any country. I think it will soon be illegal to have a gas powered car there in a few years. So, they are hella green!

    1. That’s true.
      There are just too many electic cars there already! I think that’s kind of wise but when I wanted to buy an Electric car for myself, I did some reaearch and it turned out that in case of needing a part for the car, it’s gonna be too expensive and sometimes ETA is forever! I’m gonna wait a bit longer now!

      1. Good luck with that! My parents and I have gone without a car since I was 2 years old! We were able to do that even here in the US. Even so, when my Mom and I move to Calgary, we do plan to get a camper van so we can travel. We actually learned a lot about green living when my Dad worked at CERN. We met people from Norway and Sweden and they are ALL like Greta Thunberg! Frankly, when I first heard about her and what she was doing, I wasn’t surprised to find out she was Swedish

    1. That’s right. This is the main reason I’m trying to write posts about different places for living to help from my end! I know it’s not a lot, but that’s all I can do!
      Thank you for your comment! 😊

      1. I also blog about Americans needing a plan B, but I think the notable problem is that many Americans are truly in denial and this is the result of Establishment mass media brainwashing.

        1. That could be one of the reasons but the main reason for denial is that it’s the easiest way! Immigrating is just too hard! I experienced it twice and know that not everyone is capable of doing it!

  2. Oh, here in New Jersey, we just had another gas tax hike since October 1st to deal with the budget shortfall. Gas sales into pension fund? How nice. I dream of the day…

        1. Poor people! But just to make you feel better, we have the most expensive gas price in North America in Vancouver, BC!
          And we’re so used to it that don’t even notice it anymore!

  3. Last week I read an article that shows that people there don’t even get depressed during the long and dark winter months. It’s all about attitude apparently. Good post.

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