Bahrain, the best country for expats, Explained

Would you like to know about Bahrain nightlife? or where Bahrain’s capital is? did you know how great Bahrain is for expats? How about the lifestyle of people in Bahrain? or even the tourism in Bahrain?

Whenever we hear the word “Middle East” the next thing that comes to mind is “Oil” which is true about all of the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf as well as Iran.

But when it comes to tourism, this region is not in the bucket lists except for Dubai.

Bahrain is one of the coolest places besides Dubai where you can see a semi-westernized culture, making it easy for everyone to blend in.

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Recent History of Bahrain

Historically, Bahrain was a part of Iran until Britain took the island’s control and finally in 1971, it became an independent country.

People in Bahrain

Bahrain has more expat living in the country compared to Bahraini nationals. Most of them come from India, Philippines, and Pakistan. There are a lot of Westerners too, there’s also one American Military base in the country!

People are friendly and since they mostly come from abroad, they’re all looking for new friends.

What to do in Bahrain


The capital is surrounded by modern skyscrapers and fascinating world-class buildings, so why not take a moment to enjoy the view?

Bahrain National Museum

Although the country’s fairly new, the history goes back to nearly 5000 years ago. It is believed that this huge modern museum is the most visited place in the country.


Bahrain fort

This fort was built in 2300 BC and has been used until the 18th century by Kassites, Greeks, Portuguese and Persians.

Bahrain Fort (Panorama View)

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

This 77000 square meters water complex is ready to help people escape from the heat while having so much fun.

Amwaj Islands

these man-made islands offer housing, magical beaches, and resorts. There’s a 1 km road connecting them to the motherland.

Nightlife in Bahrain

Bahrain is filled with bars and nightclubs. which are always busy. Bahrain has no restriction on drinking Alcoholic beverages bringing tons of people from their neighbor Saudi Arabia to the capital every weekend.

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