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San Marino is surrounded by Italy. It’s always been independent!
It’s the third smallest country in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco!
Zoom out in the map below to see how small this landlocked is!

History of San Marino

San Marino has always been a sovereign state as well as the oldest republic in the world, established in AD 301!
Napoleon liked them so much that he offered to extend their border according to their needs which they politely declined because the government believed, smaller size meant fewer problems.
They have always been neutral in the conflicts throughout history and maintained a good relationship with all of the big guys.

People in San Marino

San Marino has a population of 33,000 people as well as more than 12,000 Italians living in it and they all speak Italian.

Via Basilicus din San Marino2

What to do in San Marino

This micro nation is famous for its castles on top of the mountains. There are several destinations to see there.

Palazzo pubblico in San Marino

Guaita in San Marino

This gorgeous castle is sitting at the highest point of Monte Titano’s summits.

They built this castle during 11th century and was mainly used as a prison.

There’s a spectacular view waiting for you to enjoy.

Besides Guaita, there are two other similar castles called De La Fratta and Montale.

Rally in San Marino

San Marino hosts a rally every year since 1970 which is interesting to watch in person.

There are some more castles, Churches and museums to see in San Marino to see. you can check them out here.

the airport in San Marino

There is no Airport inside the country and the nearest airport would be Federico Fellini International Airport inside Italy.

Border control in San Marino

There’s no border control in San Marino but if you like, you can get your passport stamped by visiting Informazioni Turistiche for 5€. The staff speak English an are super friendly.

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      1. It’s basically Italy under a different government, it’s kind of weird but interesting. They use Italian electrical and phone lines and road signs are the same as in Italy but they have their own police, stamps and car plate numbers

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