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Alright, back to one of the complicated dramas on the world’s TV, the Middle East! (lol, I just made it up!)

The Middle East is the term called for many cool countries which mostly didn’t have a chance to represent themselves in a better way other than being oil-rich or the conflicts! Countries like JordanKuwait, and Bahrain still have a lot of room in the tourism section. You can check the rest of these countries in our Middle East Category.

In this post, we’ll talk about the rich guy in the family, Qatar!

Let’s start with its recent history.

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Recent history of Qatar

Qatar used to be a British protected area until 1971. It was too close to becoming an Emirate (Province) in the UAE but it eventually gained its independence on September 3, 1971.
The country was relatively a poor one because of the lack of resources, but since discovering oil, the country’s perspective and future changed to what it is today.

People in Qatar

Qataris make a small percentage of the population in their own country at %12! The rest are expats, mostly from India, the Philippines, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

The situation isn’t ideal for some of the nationalities who are mostly doing the physical work since it’s usually hot outside and their bosses aren’t the most generous ones!

What to do in Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar

Doha is something like Dubai, a deserted city that changed its skyline in only a few years to something like a piece from the future. There are tons of fun stuff to do in the city, like shopping malls, restaurants, and amusement parks.

Beaches in Qatar

Qatar has a long beautiful coastline with world-class white sand beaches, accompanied by the Persian Gulf’s blue water.

National Museum of Qatar in Qatar

This museum is famous for its intelligently designed building. It has three main sections, the natural history of the desert and the Persian Gulf, before discovering oil, and after it!

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