USA or Canada, Which one is better?

USA or Canada, which one is better? USA or Canada, which one is better for immigration? Which one is better to study? USA or Canada, which one is better for living? Which one is better in healthcare?

USA and Canada are popular destinations both for students and those who are looking for a second chance in their life.
A lot of people think that these neighbors are identical but in fact, they have a lot of differences that make each one a unique country.


This one is their first obvious difference. In Canada, anyone who stays more than 3 months inside the country is eligible for free healthcare which covers everything but dental and eye. That seems European but sometimes hospitals in Canada cannot keep up with demand which results in longer waiting time than normal.

In the US, the situation is much different. There’s no nationwide health care system (Obamacare was not successful enough). Almost all individuals have to buy insurance whether themselves or their employer but if someone doesn’t have either of them, they’re officially going to get bankrupt if they ever end up in a hospital because even an ambulance call would cost between $500-1000 in the US! But if we set that part aside, medical services are as fast and convenient as they can be.


In the US, you have a choice from hot places like Florida to freezing climates like Alaska. You can find both the jungle and the desert. It’s truly diverse while all of Canada’s provinces and territories (Except southern British Columbia) are frozen for about 5 months a year.

So, if you are looking for weather choices, close this tab and choose the US!


As of 2020, an American passport is visa-free to 184 countries while Canada is visa free to 183 countries.

Their minor differences are:

1- American passport is visa-free to “Equatorial Guinea” and “Central African Republic” which Canada isn’t.

2-Canadian passport is visa-free to Uzbekistan which the US is not.

So, there would be no difference in terms of their passports.


The USA has been a popular destination for all types of immigration since the 18th century while Canada has become a hot spot for about 20 years so far but it is more diverse.


Racism could be found anywhere and these countries are no exception either!

It mostly depends on which part you choose to live in. For example, according to Plos one, the rural Northeast and South of America experience more racism compared to other parts.

The same rule goes for Canada. Less developed provinces like Manitoba are subjected to more racist acts.


The USA has more options in awesome universities while Canadian colleges and universities are more affordable.

Each year, a few hundred American students choose to study in Canada to get rid of student debt as they graduate. Canadian universities are as acceptable as the ones at home for American employers.

Do you have any experience in one of these countries? got any questions?
Leave them in the comment below.

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27 thoughts on “USA or Canada, Which one is better?

  1. Oh and sorry for going all political, but some of these points mentioned here are kinda well political related. Or could be when you really look at it. People always say oh it doesn’t have to be about politics, but why not? Isn’t politics kinda important? It should be….Especially if we are talking about which nation is better. How a society is run and it’s politics have everything to do with the nation. I can’t just pretend Trump doesn’t exist or anything else I disagree with while living here in the states. Well I could, but what would be the point? I am not ignorant and there for I love respectful political debates actually and I like knowing like how other nations are or their societies. I may like Canada more, but moving to the states I have learned so much. I use to be that Canadian that hates the states, thought how possible these Americans could defend assault rifles, have their health system they have, how they voted for well many bad presidents (on both political sides) and even see the bigger picture outside of that…moving here though rather I disagree with things or not. I know why it is the way it is why Americans are the way they are etc and their society etc. I just wouldn’t move here right now cause there is no denying the problems they are facing. Americans themselves are scared, they have told me they are scared and they hate living here because of the politics etc. I was just told the other day by someone at the store (we were discussing Trump and his awesomeness?) and he said he has never seen the country so divided until now, and this is not a time we can be divided.


    1. Hello there!

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      I enjoyed reading your opinions.

      I have dual citizenships and currently living in Vancouver, BC and traveling is a big part of my life!

      The post was only my opinion. I truly love Canada from the bottom of my heart but I try not to take sides when it comes to comparing!

      I know how much of a hassle it is, waiting for your Green Card renewal. Politicians usually don’t understand living a decade in their country, means having grown strong roots in the society! Sometimes they act like robots!

      I pray for your Green card renewal and endless happiness in your life.

      Thank you again for taking time, writing your opinion.
      I sent you a message thru the contact form on your blog. Check it out please!

      Have a great weekend.

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  2. Oh, both Canada and USA pay for education. It is not socialistic in either country. I believe grade school and high school may be the same in both, but college and University are not socialized like other countries.

    Maybe grade school is socialized in The USA? I don’t think parents like pay for it individually. It is a right here in the states. Police, fire department etc however is socialized in the States and you can feel free to share that with any American who chants they hate socialism. 🙂


  3. After reading this post and comments, I’d assume you never traveled outside of your residence.

    Canada has nationwide healthcare but lacks doctors…patients can wait up to 24 hours to be seen in emergency etc. Canada has had to also make certain sacrifices because of the lack of doctors. There have been talks and rumors about actually trying to lower the non essential appointments for patients in Canada and how to do it because doctors are being way too over worked. (this does not include pandemic times this is in general) It causes other concerns as well. How reliable can a surgeon or doctor be when over worked?

    While I disagree that USA citizens or people residing in the USA have to buy their own health care. (I am a socialistic believer and believe health care is a human right) paying for health care has it’s perks. When we live in a money driven society and money buys everything, well it definitely buys you health care in the USA. You are more likely to be seen (I have lived in both countries in different places etc and my wait times in the states is a lot less than Canada and I can be seen just about anytime outside of the pandemic) it can even buy you the top spot for a organ replacement etc. Though some may argue that, it’s true. It is still however a sad and broken system. The USA can afford socialistic health care or whatever term you wish to use, they just don’t want to and have different beliefs.

    3. Though in general Canada is frozen for 5 months a year, living in eastern USA the pass two winters I was talking with my relatives in eastern Canada where it is yes normally frozen for 5 months it was not the last two years. We had similar weather and the winters were very short and even mild. But global warming is a myth right? 😉 It is not just southern BC. Most, if not all of BC has better winters, and some places in BC hardly see snow. I use to live in BC, it was my favorite place to live so far and I miss it very much. Expensive though! Which is why I don’t know if I will ever be able to go back. xD Neither country is known or rated high for weather….Florida is ridiculously hot and although old people may like to retire there, a lot complain about the extreme heat. I believe some city or place in Spain is rated highest for best weather. I would argue BC with it’s temperate weather is better than being too hot or too cold (or both)

    4. The USA may be a great spot for tourism, they are not friendly to immigrants especially in their current times. After all Americans just voted for a president who is very anti immigrant. I am a white immigrant from Canada in the USA right now and even my protocols are strict. Right now I cannot travel back home to Canada to see my family because The USA is taking their dear sweet time of 18 months(more now probably because of the whole covid odeal) to give me approval or not on status renewal. Meaning I still have a valid social security number, I can work in the states still legally, but they can still choose to deny my renewal of my 10 year green card. I don’t think they will but havingme wait 18 months when I did everything by the book and to their standards is kinda well crappy, especially since it is just a renewal and not applying for the first time. I have heard many horror stories of immigrants being mistreated etc. Trump apparently wants to up that. Canada is like if you’re cool, come on in tbh. 😛 Nah, but they are more lackadaisical you could say.

    5. Racism exists everywhere, but in my experience I experienced it more in the states than in Canada. Maybe that is just my personal experience. A lot has to do with poverty in the states however.

    6. Neither is better, both are great countries for different reasons like you said. Also both are very individual, both have different beliefs structures and we often get in arguments (example the whole gun thing) without realizing we are raised in two different nations or societies. I suggest traveling both, as to where to live I want to eventually move back to Canada, but only because it is my home and has nothing to do with the states or a personal attack on them. Where to live is a personal preference, I’d vote Canada though…cause even though I try to understand the American way, their system is just well broken….Not to mention in very dire times, if the states hasn’t already fallen they will very soon. We are now seeing that especially with the Pandemic. One of the so called ‘best’ nations, most advanced, has everything has added another number 1 to their belt, but it is not a good number 1, it is a number 1 in COVID cases. Trump is failing to handle it and I don’t just fear for the pandemic. I honestly don’t see the economy recovering from it. If the states got attacked right now, they’d lose. It’s very scary. Very vulnerable society and maybe all this ‘we are number 1’ chant is to hide the true fear of ‘our leaders really have no clue what they are doing, and have brainwashed us into believing some fake dream.’ There is no American dream. That is not hate, I love Americans, they are great people but just there are so many problems here, and I don’t see any resolution.

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  4. I have to say I do not agree with you about healthcare in Canada. I have come through two potentially life threatening illnesses: systemic scleroderma and colorectal cancer. This was over 20 years ago. I had treatment for the Ssc and a major surgery for the cancer. I was monitored with CT scans for 10 years after the cancer surgery. I still go to the Scleroderma clinic once a year and every two years I have pulmonary function testing and heart scans. I would not be here without the Canadian healthcare system. In the US I would have been unable to get insurance after the diagnosis with Ssc. So the surgery for the colorectal cancer ( 7 and a half hours with two surgical teams ) would have been an expense that would have broken my finances. The Canadian system is not perfect but I have had both hips replaced and did not wait more than 2 months for those surgeries. I had a horse accident and broke my leg and was operated on and monitored for months afterwards. So as I say it is not perfect but it certainly has worked for me.

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    1. Dear Anne, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.
      What I wrote is based on my friends and relatives experiences.
      I’m very glad that you did not have to wait for your treatments.
      Defenately, Canadian national healthcare coverage is a blessing for all of us and I’m thankful for it, but as you mentioned yourself, nothing in this world is perfect.


      1. True.And I know a lot of people do not find it works well enough for them but for me and for my husband, who has also had some health issues ,it has worked very well. Stay safe and stay well!

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  5. Weather questions:
    Isn’t Toronto south of even Minneapolis?
    Wouldn’t coastal BC have a warmer maritime climate?
    The US is competitive and glorifies violence, it seems. Is Canada as violent?

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    1. BC has a warmer climate compared to the rest of Canada, It doesn’t get frozen as mentioned in the post but by “Warm”, I mean Canadian warm!
      Vancouver’s nick name is “Raincouver”. It’s raining all the time.
      Canada is much more peaceful compared to the US. Although it’s legal to buy a gun but most people don’t have one and there are much less violent crimes compared to the US.

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    1. The official language in both countries is English.
      Canada has French as its second official language too which is only being spoken in its French speaking province, Quebec.
      The second language in the US is Spanish, spoken by millions of immigrants from South American countries but it’s not an official second language.

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      1. USA does not have an official language, it is just the most commonly spoken.

        Canada has both French and English officially equally. As in both can be used in governments, society etc. Why Canada chose an official language and USA never did I don’t know.

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          1. No worries…a lot confuse English as their official language. I actually learned from some youtuber I use to watch..he was like ‘something you may also not know…USA doesn’t have an official language’ I was shocked was like no way let’s google confirmed USA does not have an official language, but English and Spanish are most widely used like you said.


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