10 Best Wedding destinations around the world

Some couples love the idea of getting married in their hometown, some others prefer the city they live in, and some others go back to where they met their significant other. But if you’re still not sold on where to exchange your “I do” with your love, you should definitely try somewhere you’ve never been because that would just make you a more beautiful memory of your wedding day. In this post, we’ll talk about 10 best wedding destinations around the world.

1- Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a magical city of white sand beaches, modern buildings, different cultures, massive shopping malls, and stunning deserts. whether you’re planning to have a frugal or luxury wedding, Dubai is your go-to place.

2- Vail, COUnited States

If you want to have an adventurous wedding, Vail in Colorado is the right choice. This small town sits on top of the Vail mountain and is a winter getaway destination in general for those who are interested in skiing, snowboarding, golfing, hiking, or even a fly fishing tour.

3- Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth is as beautiful as it gets. This South African city has gorgeous beaches, dreamy gardens, and amazing weather year-round. What else could a couple ask for?

4- Santorini, Greece

Even if you didn’t know its name, you’ve definitely seen its pictures on social media before. Santorini island in Greece is the land of white buildings and blue domes. You’ll have the most beautiful wedding pictures in the history of mankind if you choose Santorini as your wedding destination.

5- Florence, Italy

Did you always dream of having your wedding at a magical classical church, just like European royal weddings? Your dream is more accessible than you imagine in Florence, Italy.

6- Palm Springs, USA 

Palm Springs in California is usually where Hollywood A-listers hang out. Then be prepared to spend more money than you think which is totally worth it. With 320 sunny days each year, who doesn’t want to have the perfect weather option, regardless of the season!

7- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in South Asia is a gorgeous island nation with photogenic palm trees, warm weather, and world-class resorts that are more affordable than you expect! You’ll get the perfect place for less!

8- Antalya, Turkey

This beautiful Mediterranean city is an amazing option for your wedding day, especially if it’s during winter as Antalya is a winter sun destination for millions of German, Brit, and Russian tourists.

9- Newbury, UK

Have you seen Downton Abby? Done!

10- Montevideo, Uruguay

With a Spanish/Portuguese culture, amazing food, beautiful landscapes, and the perfect food, Montevideo has got it all to host the most memorable day in your life.

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