Malawi, the perfect place for Stargazing!

If we were to have an underrated country list, Malawi found its way at the very bottom.

Is Gibraltar, Spanish or British?!

In this post, we’ll explain Gibraltar beaches, Gibraltar population, the rock of Gibraltar, and Gibraltar’s relations with Spain. Gibraltar has been a British overseas territory since 1704 as a sort of bribe from Spain while they were negotiating over other issues! ever since, other countries tried to take this land from UK which was alwaysContinue reading “Is Gibraltar, Spanish or British?!”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Micronesia

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U.S. or Canada: Which one Is Better to Call Home?

USA or Canada, which one is better in 2021? USA or Canada, which one is better for immigration in 2021? Which one is better to study? USA or Canada, which one is better for a living in 2021? Which one is better in healthcare in 2021? USA and Canada are popular destinations both for students, expats, andContinue reading “U.S. or Canada: Which one Is Better to Call Home?”