Top 5 reasons why you should move from UK to Europe after Brexit

Living in the United Kingdom was pleasant a few years ago, but things are changing in Britain fast! Especially after voting for Brexit, the future looks uncertain and foggier than ever for Britons. In this post, we’ll talk about the top 5 reasons why you should move from the UK to Europe, after Brexit! TheContinue reading “Top 5 reasons why you should move from UK to Europe after Brexit”

Falkland islands or Islas Malvinas Explained

In this post we’ll learn about Falkland Islands war, population, map and even the tourist attractions on the Falkland Islands. Who owns Falkland Islands, the UK or Argentina? well, this question has been asked since the 17th century! These beautiful islands sit right beside Argentina’s foot toe while it’s known as a British overseas territory.Continue reading “Falkland islands or Islas Malvinas Explained”

Is Gibraltar, Spanish or British?!

In this post, we’ll explain Gibraltar beaches, Gibraltar population, the rock of Gibraltar, and Gibraltar’s relations with Spain. Gibraltar has been a British overseas territory since 1704 as a sort of bribe from Spain while they were negotiating over other issues! ever since, other countries tried to take this land from UK which was alwaysContinue reading “Is Gibraltar, Spanish or British?!”