Top 9 reasons to visit Morocco right now

North Africa is home to beautiful, yet underrated countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco. Morocco would satisfy any traveler type including Backpackers, culture lovers, luxury travelers, foodies, lovers and you name it! In this post, we’ll talk about the top 9 reasons to visit Morocco right now! 1- Moroccan beaches Morocco is luckyContinue reading “Top 9 reasons to visit Morocco right now”

Melilla and Ceuta – why is Spain in Africa?

Are Melilla and Ceuta sovereign states or in Spain? Are Melilla and Ceuta in Morocco? Why are there fences in Melilla and Ceuta? How’s the immigration process for refugees in Melilla and Ceuta? Are Melilla and Ceuta like Gibraltar? We’l answer all of these questions in this post. History is full of border complexions andContinue reading “Melilla and Ceuta – why is Spain in Africa?”