Micronesia, home to the world’s 8th wonder, Explained!

Is Micronesia an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Micronesia? Where is Micronesia’s capital? What is the tourism in Micronesia like? Where is Micronesia on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Micronesia? Where is Micronesia? Is Micronesia a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Micronesia? What to do in Micronesia? What is the history of Micronesia?


Oceania is home to tons of beautiful islands belonging to different countries like Fiji, Kiribati and Marshall Islands. Let’s add up to this cool list by getting to know the next stunning Island country, Micronesia.

Micronesia is so underrated that you’ve probably never heard of it before! It’s somewhere in the middle of the ocean, still remaining untouched, even though it has a lot to offer!

Let’s dig in by learning about its recent history first!

Recent history of Micronesia

The islands got occupied by Spain a few hundred years ago where they’ve been added to Spain’s Oceania territories and during WW I Japan stepped in and took control but after WW II, the United States of America became the dominant power and by UN’s permission, governed Micronesia until May 10, 1979, when several Islands decided to get united and become a country, named after the geographical area they live in, called Micronesia (My smoothest way of explaining Micronesia’s name!!)

But since there were US military bases on the islands, they signed up an agreement to allow them to remain there!

People in Micronesia

Micronesian people have been residing there for a long time and it’s believed that their ancestors came from south Asia. They speak American English, as well as their local languages.

Similar to their Marshall Islands friends, Micronesians are allowed to live, work and study in the US with no restrictions and even serve in the US army if they desire to, but they are not considered American citizens!

What to do in Micronesia

Nan Madol in Micronesia

Nan Madol in Micronesia is the world’s 8th wonder to people who have seen it in person, Nan Madol is somewhere in the middle of the woods where an ancient civilization lived and formed a city. The rocks used there are so big and well organized that it makes one wonder how they were even able to carry them there!

Micronesian locals believe that their ancestors had moved the stones by magic (Which makes sense a lot if you visit it!) since the population is very limited and there are almost no evidence of Egyptian kind of equipment and engineering!

Nan madolDetail of a wall constructed of columnar basalt pieces at Nan Madol

Beaches in Micronesia

At the end of the day, Micronesia is an Island country and has beautiful beaches, just like the ones in Fiji with far fewer tourists. You’ll have the islands to yourself! (Until now)

Do you have any opinions or recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below.

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38 thoughts on “Micronesia, home to the world’s 8th wonder, Explained!

  1. How beautiful! My Mom has a rare wood carved Micronesian story board that she purchased at a Flea Mkt. I was hosting a game night and one of the guests recognized it as such in the display cabinet in my house. That’s the first time I heard of Micronesia. 🙂

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