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Where the world wants to travel in 2021 – According to Google


Even though a lot of countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas are re-opening their doors to international tourists after travel-ban related to the Covid-19 borders shut down, it seems like the world is getting ready to plan for traveling in 2021 which is not surprising that much.

The traveling company, Kuoni has analyzed the google searching data of most countries in the world to see where do people in the world want to travel in 2021.

According to the data, the most popular countries to visit in 2021 are the following.

1- United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Home to the popular tourist destination of Dubai, the UAE was the most-searched-for holiday spot for 2021.

UAE is made up of six emirates, each having its unique characteristic. UAE in general is an awesome travel destination for chasing winter sun with access to the crystal blue waters of the Persian Gulf.

=2- Canada

Canada has tied up with the US and Qatar as the second-most searched-for holiday spot in 2021.

Canada is truly a haven-like country with countless beautiful lakes, mountains, and cities. Tourists who travel to Canada usually are into outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and Kayaking.

=2- United States of America

Tied up with Canada and Qatar, USA has been the second-most sought after holiday spot on google in 2021.

Unites States is made up of 50 states and 14 territories, each having different attractions, making this country an awesome place to go after whatever your heart desires.

=2- Qatar

UAE’s neighbor, Qatar is another Middle Eastern country on the list of the most-searched-for holiday spots in 2021.

Qatar’s capital, Doha is too modern and sleek, you won’t believe your eyes! Some even say that maybe Doha passes Dubai’s shininess in the near future!

Qatar is a mixture of modernity and traditions with high-rises on one side and traditional bazaars and sough on the other side.

5- Egypt

Egypt has always been a popular sought-after holiday spot for those who are interested in visiting one of the oldest civilizations in history while not missing their beach kind of vacation. Egypt offers historical places such as the world-famous Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, and the temples in Luxor, alongside fantastic beaches like those in coastal resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

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