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Whenever the subject is about South Asia, the focal point is on India, and generally, we classify all of the people living in the South Asia region as Indians which is totally wrong! There are a few other beautiful countries in South Asia that deserve to be known such as Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.
In this post, We’ll get to know the beautiful South Asian country of Sri Lanka!

Let’s begin exploring Sri Lanka by the country’s recent history.

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Recent history of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s independence from the United Kingdom

Sri Lanka was under the British rules for a few decades, alongside other South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. People in Sri Lanka started an independence movement that worked and Sri Lanka gained its independence from the United Kingdom on February 4, 1948.

Sri Lanka after independence from the United Kingdom

After independence, Sri Lankan governors faced a lot of challenges but they could manage some parts, and today, Sri Lanka is a democratic country.

Sri Lankan Passport is among the weakest passports in the world

Even though Sri Lanka is a democratic country, they didn’t put enough effort to improve the Sri Lankan passport. Sri Lankan citizens can only travel to 42 countries and territories, ranking the Sri Lankan passport 99th in the traveling freedom index.

People in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s ethnic groups

Sri Lanka is home to more than 21 million people. Most of them are Sinhalese, while the rest are mostly Sri Lankan Tamils. There’s also a minority of Sri Lankan Moors, and Indian Tamils.

Besides the ethnicity, all citizens in Sri Lanka know themselves as Sri Lankan and they’re proud of their country.

Official languages of Sri Lanka

Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages in Sri Lanka, spoken by most people.

English is also recognized by the government since most educational and business sections of the country speak English fluently.

Religion in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a melting pot of religions! Buddhism is the main religion in Sri Lanka with more than 70% of the population practicing it, while there are other minorities such as Hindus, Muslims, and Christians.

What to do in Sri Lanka

Beach resorts and hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country which only means, there are countless beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka as well as world-class resorts and hotels.

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital is a modern city with beautiful beaches and tall skyscrapers. Colombo is known as “Sri Lanka’s new Dubai”.

Dambulla cave temple in Sri Lanka

Dambulla temple is entirely in a cave. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest cave temple in Sri Lanka!

Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka

The five-hectare lawn between Galle Road and the beach in the middle of Colombo’s financial and business center forms the largest open space in the city. The leisure area is used by business people as well as by families or kite surfers. In addition to another luxury hotel, the well-known Galle Face Hotel, which has existed since 1864, is located here.

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