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Fiji, the ideal honeymoon destination, Explained



The word Fiji is known to everyone. Australians and New Zealand people are familiar with the country as it is close to them but for most of us in North America and Europe, Fiji is just a beautiful water bottle! (Yes! That’s why this word sounds familiar!).

Despite its past, Fiji is all about relaxation and having fun now! You’ll get surprised to read about their history for sure!

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Recent History of Fiji

Fiji’s previous name was “Cannibal Island” as people who lived there, used to eat their enemies! The fun part (what kind of psychopathic person finds fun in Cannibalism?) is that unlike other parts of the world, no one denies cannibalism history inside Fiji! There are reminders everywhere and rules to prohibit it from happening again!

Fiji was colonized by the UK and became independent again in 1970!

People in Fiji

Although Fiji is a small island country, thanks to their colonizer (!) the country is diverse with half of the population identifying as Fijian, a large minority of Indians who were brought to the island by British Army to work and live there and also small communities of whites and Asians!

If you ever decide to visit their villages, DO NOT touch their heads as it’s worse than showing them your middle finger!

Everyone on the islands speaks English, so there’s no problem with communicating!

What to do in Fiji

Mamanuca Islands: The Honeymoon Island in Fiji

Although all of the islands in Fiji are beautiful, Mamanuca Islands are famous as the Honeymoon island because of their dreamy beaches and scenery!

Fiji Museum in Fiji

This Museum features the country’s background, even the Cannibal part! Then don’t miss this opportunity to see those forks that got used for eating…you!

Sri Siva Subramaniya temple in Fiji

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to be all the relaxing type! Add some cultural activities to it by visiting this colorful Hindu temple!

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