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Palau – the American Japanese Heaven [explained]


Is Palau an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Palau? Where is Palau’s capital? What is the tourism in Palau like? Where is Palau on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Palau? Where is Palau? Is Palau a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Palau? What to do in Palau? What is the history of Palau?


Oceania is full of beautiful countries we never heard about like KiribatiMicronesia, or the Marshall Islands. The only Rock star in that family (Except Australia and New Zealand) is Fiji that’s known worldwide.

Our next country is Palau, the heaven on earth with lots of stories to tell!

Let’s start exploring this Island country with its recent history.

Recent history of Palau

During WWI, Japan took over the Palau islands and tried its best to influence them both culturally and food-wise! When WWII started, Japan used Palau islands to support its army while trying to annex the Philippines but soon, the US stepped in and in a (not so easy) battle, forced Japan to step back!

After that, the US-built military bases on the islands, and even when Palau gained independence on January 1, 1981, they signed a 50 years agreement which allows the US army to remain over there.

People in Palau

People in Palau are similar to their neighbor Micronesians. There are other minor communities like Filipinos and Japanese.

Palau has 5 official languages, English, Palauan, Japanese, Sonsorolese, and Tobian. In fact, Palau is the only country in the world besides Japan that has Japanese as its official language. People in one of the islands called Angaur only speak Japanese and they receive a lot of Japanese visitors for this reason!

Palauans are one of the only three nations, allowed to freely live, work, and study in the US, just like a US citizen.

What to do in Palau

Beaches in Palau

Well, no explanations are needed about this one! Beach is the main reason that Palau is the heaven it is!

Jellyfish Lake in Palau

There’s a lake in Palau where non-toxic cute Jellyfishes live and visitors are allowed to swim with the Jellyfishes and enjoy their company!

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