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10 Surprising things You Only See on the Continent of Asia


Asia is a fascinating continent where a lot of different countries with different lifestyles are living! Anyone who has traveled to different countries in Asia, admits that each Asian country is unique with its charm.

In this post, we’ll talk about 10 Things You Only See on the Continent of Asia.

1- Food in a plastic bag

© plasibo / pikabu  

In some Asian countries, it’s common to see warm food being sold in plastic bags!

2- Train passing from a market in Thailand

There’s a local market in Thailand that is located exactly in the middle of a railway. It has become a tourist hot spot! Visitors who visit it there, wait for the train to come to see how people get out of the way and then continue where they left off!

3- Local businesses use famous brands names

In some Asian countries, It’s normal to see Apple trying its luck in the shoe business or WhatsApp, opening a small clothing store!

4- The Bangladesh railway

Bangladesh has a lot of tourist attractions, but the overcrowded trains where people sit at the top of the trains is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

5- Chewing gum ban in Singapore

© femsingapore / Twitter  

The government of Singapore banned using chewing gum in 1992 because it’s hard to clean gums that are stuck on chairs, tables, and on the streets!

6- Houses over buildings in China

If you ever travel to China, you’ll witness some houses built over other buildings, especially in the capital, Beijing.

7- Teddy Bear Museum

When thinking about museums, the Teddy bear museum isn’t the first thing that comes in mind! But Teddy Bear Museums (stuffed animal museums) are common in several Asian countries such as in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and China.

8- Geese Police

In some of China’s police departments, it’s believed that Geese are better than dogs when it comes to helping police since they have better eyesight, louder voice, and more aggressive!

9- Motorbike is not dangerous anymore

It’s normal to see a full family sitting on a motorbike on the streets in some parts of Asia!

10 Take off your shoes

In most Asian homes and even some public restaurants, you should take off your shoes before going in!

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